Preliminary information about COVID-19 testing in schools

Posted February 18, 2021

February 18, 2021

The Ministry of Education has instructed school boards to implement a targeted COVID-19 testing program in schools. The testing will be voluntary and consent will be required. Testing will be for asymptomatic students and staff only.

The UGDSB is currently in the process of developing a targeted testing plan. The plan will involve a multi-week program for testing approximately four UGDSB schools each week.

Testing in UGDSB schools will take place outside of school hours.

While work on this plan has begun, the testing program itself will not start on Monday Feb. 22, as we are currently awaiting notification from the Ministry of Education regarding the vendor that will be provided to the school board to conduct the testing.

Once a vendor has been provided and the plan is finalized, the board will communicate updates to staff and families.

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