Food Guidelines 2019

Posted October 22, 2019

While bringing in food for special events and celebrations is a great way to create a positive atmosphere it comes with risks for our students with life threatening food allergies. 

In order to minimize the  health risks for some students we would ask that families follow these guidelines for the greater good and safety of our students.

  1. Please ensure that you communicate with your class teacher before sending any food.
  1. When you bring in food for special events or celebrations it must be brought to the office first and the office will make sure it gets delivered on time to the teacher and class. Please include your child’s name, their teacher’s name and the ingredient list along with your share-able item.
  1. Do not send food that contains peanuts or nuts, or peanut or nut products are processed in a facility with nuts.
  1. Pre-packaged snacks must have ingredients listed on the package
  1. Include a list of ingredients with all home-baked treats. Treats without ingredients lists will be returned.
  1. Please consider cut fruit and vegetables or other healthy alternatives to sweets or baked treats.

      7. Please avoid allergen alternatives, products that mimic the taste, smell, and appearance of the allergen (WOWBUTTER® used instead of    peanut butter) and other possible allergens.  

If you are thinking about sending food in for a special event or celebration, why not consider non-food items instead? You could send in a book or a puzzle or board games for indoor recess  dedicated to your child’s class. These items would be very appreciated and have a longer lasting effect.


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