October 31st, 2019

Posted October 29, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Wednesday, October 31, our school and classes will participate in a costume parade and class parties to celebrate Halloween.

On this day, students may come to school in costume. We do encourage you to send costume accessories in a labelled bag, and please do not send weapons or gruesome masks.  Please note that we have a responsibility to ensure that we plan activities that are inclusive of all our students and staff.  Class specific activities may be communicated as applicable by your child’s teacher.

Below are some costume guidelines and alternative ideas for a successful day.   

Halloween Guidelines at HMPS


Please refer to school website regarding sending share-able food items for Halloween.  Do not feel that you need to send in food–we can easily become overwhelmed by the large number of treats.  In the interest of student safety, please adhere to the policy outlined below:

  1. Provide only nut-free and peanut-free treats
  2. Include a list of ingredients with all home-baked treats
  3. Fruit or other healthy alternatives are preferred
  4. Pre-packaged snacks must have ingredients listed on the package
  5. Please include your child’s name, their teacher’s name and the ingredient list along with your share-able item.

General Guidelines:

1)       Participation is optional

2)       Wear black and orange if you prefer

3)       Costumes must be free of weapons, masks (students must have full vision), no valuable items

4)       Costumes must be respectful of all cultures and beliefs.  (For example, a costume depicting indigenous peoples would be inappropriate).

5)       Have regular clothes available for your child, as they may need to change out of their costumes part way through the day.

If students wish to wear a costume here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts:

Costume Do’s

  • Follow our school code of conduct found on our website
  • Use makeup or face paint
  • Make sure you can get your costume on independently
  • Check that your costume is safe
  • Be creative!
  • Have fun!

Costume Don’ts

  • No costumes that are representative of another culture or religious beliefs
  • No gruesome masks or gore
  • No violent references
  • No weapons
  • Must be appropriate for school

Thanks in advance!

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