Parking Lot

Posted February 22, 2022

Hello Harris Mill Families,

The past weeks have given us the opportunity to observe traffic flow when dispersing traffic to the two areas of the school.  Thank you to those who have been walking and taking the bus. This allows for less traffic at Parkinson Drive and on the streets in front of the school.

The parking lot will be opened to the families of kindergarten students beginning Feb 23rd, 2022.   Due to the limited spaces in the lot, our youngest students will be prioritized. Please understand that entering the parking lot does not ensure a spot to park as there is limited space.  Only staff members, cars with accessibility permits, and cars carrying a kindergarten student will be admitted to the parking lot. Once parked, kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult to the kindergarten gate.  If you have students in both Kindergarten and grades 1-5 please walk both students to the sidewalk using the crosswalk.

In the interest of student safety, it is imperative that the following safety guidelines be adhered to.

  • Cars must be parked in a parking spot

  • All students must be accompanied by an adult and walked  to the kindergarten yard

  • The crosswalk must be used, do not cross between buses

  • Vehicles must yield to buses

Families of students in grades 1-5 please continue to pick up and drop off your children on Parkinson Drive or Wheeler.

Thank you for your support

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