Posted October 12, 2022

Hallowe’en Day ~Monday, October 31st

Our schools celebrate Halloween with costume dress up and/or black and orange.

We will ask that parents carefully consider the costumes their children wear to school as they will need to wear them all day. If students choose to wear a costume they should come to school wearing it.   Please have regular clothes available for your child, as they may need to change out of their costumes part way through the day. Class specific activities may be communicated as applicable by your child’s teacher.

  • Accessories are to stay home
  • We ask that students not share candy/drinks/treats; however, students may bring a treat for themselves in their lunch
  • A reminder that costumes should not be scary as we have young students who may be frightened.

If your child(ren) does not participate in Halloween please inform their teacher and there will be alternate activities available.

Costumes:  It is our responsibility to ensure that school community members avoid using identities and cultures as costumes. This includes appropriative costumes/cultural stereotypes (i.e. cultural garments), black/brown face, transphobic costumes (i.e. man dressed as a woman), body-shaming and objectifying costumes, and costumes that joke about situations that have caused harm (i.e. COVID pandemic). Such costumes perpetuate stereotypes and can cause harm that can further marginalize and oppress community members.

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