IB Awards Lunch 2019

Congratulations to our IB at GCVI award winners and our 2019 Graduating Class!

Learner Profile Award

The learner profile award is awarded to students of the IB DP graduating class who, on a daily basis, demonstrate the characteristics of the profile. In all of their interactions they are open-minded, caring and principled. They are lifelong learners who strive to be knowledgeable, they are critical thinkers who ask questions and reflect and they willingly share their learning with others.

What is most impressive about this year’s award winners is that they behave this way even when they think nobody is watching. The Learner Profile attributes come naturally to them and the school is grateful for the modelling they have provided for others at GCVI.

Congratulations Ayman Ul Haq, Jackie Ve, Riddhi Chabrotra

IB Service Award

The IB Service Award is presented to a student deserving of being recognized for their commitment to serving others locally and globally. This student embraced CAS and when you look at the student’s CAS account on managebac, the majority of their experiences are associated with volunteering and helping others. This student completed 4 CAS projects, all of which focused on service. In addition to serving others in a formal setting- that is at an event or through a project that is organized- this individual has often been witnessed at school offering help to her peers and teachers- always with a smile and always with humility.

Congratulations to Sandrine Jacquot



Laura Moisan

Admin Office Ass't Secondary