ILPS Dress Code

To our ILPS Families,

With the arrival of warmer weather we wanted to share our updated dress code for students. Our dress code aligns with the UGDSB student dress code.  The UGDSB’s student dress code philosophy is one way that we are working to ensure safe, inclusive and equitable learning environments for all of our students. Schools need to be able to focus on teaching and learning without undue emphasis on monitoring dress code infractions. Dress codes must be presented in a manner that does not reinforce stereotypes. We believe that students have a right to learn in a safe and caring space that is free of bias and discrimination, and that students have a right to respectfully express their individuality.

ILPS Dress Code

Island Lake Public School expects that all students will dress in a way that is appropriate for the school day or for any school-sponsored event. Students have a right to learn in a safe and caring space that is free of bias and discrimination, and have a right to express their individuality respectfully. It is an expectation that student dress choices respect the UGDSB’s intent to promote a community that is inclusive of a diverse range of identities.

Students must wear:

  • A shirt or the equivalent (e.g., sweater etc) with fabric in the front, back and on the sides under the arms, AND
  • Pants or the equivalent (e.g. skirt, sweatpants, leggings, dress, shorts), AND
  • Shoes or the equivalent (e.g., boots, sandals, etc.).
  • Clothing must fully cover genitals, buttocks, midriff, and breasts with opaque fabric.
  • Clothing that enables them to participate in a variety of activities throughout the day (e.g, D.P.A., Phys Ed., outdoor learning, recess, etc.)

Students cannot wear:

  • Clothing or accessories containing violent language or images
  • Images, logos or language depicting drugs, alcohol or any illegal item or activity
  • Images, logos or language that portray: ethnic prejudice, racism, sexism, vulgarity, gang-related markings, obscenities, profanity, hate speech, and/or pornography
  • Images, logos or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment
  • Any clothing that reveals visible undergarments (visible waistbands and visible straps are allowed)
  • Accessories that could be considered dangerous or could be used as a weapon (with the exception of religious accessories or articles of faith such as a Kirpan)
  • For safety considerations, clothing items must not obscure the face or ears, except as a religious observance.

Tech Shop (Grade 7-8)

Schools must maintain a safe learning environment in classes where protective or supportive clothing is required.

  • Hair must be tied back in tight bun, under a hat or hair net
  • No hoodies with strings or wide sleeves
  • Students must wear closed toed, clean, dry shoes
  • No necklaces or long ​jewellery including earrings (medical ID or religious items are exempt)
  • Everything must be removed from the elbow down (no rings, watches or rings)
  • No use of earbuds or headphones
  • For safety considerations, no hats or hoods except to secure hair in place or except as a religious observance.

Thank you,

ILPS on behalf of the UGDSB