Safe Arrival and Telephone Check System

The “Safe Arrival Telephone Check System” at James McQueen is a service to the parents to ensure that your child arrives at school safely.
To ensure that this system works effectively, parental cooperation is absolutely necessary. It is imperative that parents communicate with the school in the event of a student’s absence. This may be in the form of a note or by a telephone call to the school. There is an answering machine available to take your calls if you wish to call prior to 8:00 a.m. Your cooperation in regard to communicating an absence will eliminate the need for a large number of telephone calls by the school and will also ensure that a child in real need is recognized as early as possible.

When a child is absent in the morning or afternoon and the teacher does not have a note or telephone call explaining the absence, the school will initiate telephone calls in this order:

  1. Child’s home
  2. Parent’s place of employment
  3. Emergency Number
  4. Police (last resort)

When a pupil has been absent or late on a particular day and returns to school on that day, the student is asked to report to the office before going to class. This enables us to keep attendance current.