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Posted May 1, 2019

Spring Open House:

Please join us for our annual Spring Open House on Thursday, May 9th between 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. The student’s art work will be on display. There will also be games, math/STEM activities and class basket raffles. We are looking forward to seeing you there!School


This May, Grade 3 and 6 students across Ontario will be assessed by the “Education Quality and Accountability Office” in reading, writing, and mathematics.  This year, our grade 3 students will complete the assessment on May 22 – 24. The Grade 6 students will complete the assessment on May 28 – 30.  Our teachers and students are working hard to prepare for these assessments, and we sincerely appreciate your support in limiting student absences, and lates during these times.

School and provincial results of this assessment will be made public in the fall.  Individual student results are also released to parents at that time.  The data from these assessments are used to assist schools in the evaluation of their School Improvement Plans.

 Help Your Child Do Well on Tests:

  1. Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep before every test.
  2. Provide a light, healthy breakfast on test day.
  3. Have your child dress comfortably and arrive at school on time.
  4. Send your child off to school with confidence-building words of praise.
  5. Remind your child to carefully read directions.
  6. Tell your child to check his or her work before turning in the test.Boy Writing Test

Hats and Sunscreen:

We are expecting warmer weather!  We remind parents that students are outdoors for recess and on occasion for DPA and physical education.  We strongly recommend that parents take appropriate precautions to protect their child(ren)from the harmful rays of the sun.  Students are encouraged to wear hats, sunscreen and sunglasses when on the playground.SunscreenMoving?

Just a reminder that if you know you are moving over the summer, please call the office and let us know.   Any changes to your child’s information can be updated quickly by speaking with our Office Coordinator Mrs. Oliver.


Volunteer Appreciation:

All our volunteers are invited to join us on May 31st from 9:30 to 11:00 am in the Library.  The staff and students at JD Hogarth would like to show our thanks to all our volunteers.


Grade 8 Graduation:

Please keep June 26th at 6:30 pm open, as this is the evening for our Grade 8 graduation ceremony and dance!Graduate

Bicycles at School:

Students are reminded to ensure that their bicycles have received a proper tune-up before using them.  Also, please take the time to review all safety rules and rules of the road with your children.  All students are encouraged to lock their bike in the bike rack. When students ride their bike to school they are required to walk their bike on school property to help avoid any accidents.Bike

Vehicles and Student Safety:

As student and staff safety is our number one concern, it is important to remind everyone of drop off and pick up procedures at JD Hogarth PS. The bus loading area is located directly in front of the school and must be open for buses.  All other vehicles are not permitted to park or block the bus lane.  There is limited parking at JD; therefore we are encouraging parents to make arrangements to drop off or pick up at the school’s back gate which is located on Scott Street, or on Argyll Street where students can cross over at the pedestrian crossing on Belsyde Ave, or use Cherry Hill Place where there is a pathway to the school.These are all options that will help maintain safe transportation practices at JD Hogarth PS. Thank you in advance for making arrangements for safe transportation practices!Van

End Dates for Milk, Subs & Pizza:

Please note that the last day for subs will be Monday, June 10th; last day for pizza will be Thursday, June 13th and the last day for milk will be Friday, June 14th.


Electronic Devices at School:

Students are asked not to bring electronic toys or devices to school for personal use.  Any technology (Grades 4 – 8) that is used at school should be for instructional purposes only and supervised by a teacher. Technology that is brought to school is not permitted in the halls, lunchrooms or on the playground and the school cannot be held responsible should these items be lost, damaged or stolen. Thank you for your cooperation.Phone


Monthly Environmental Activities to help celebrate our planet:

May 22nd is International Biodiversity Day!

It is vital to teach our children to respect and take care of the environment.

Celebrate Biological Diversity Day on May 22nd!

The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

Biodiversity simply means: ‘A wide range of life’” Some of the things we do are harmful, so we need to learn more about how to protect all the different types of life on our planet.Diversity

Ideas for your family to celebrate Biodiversity Day!

  • Visit farmers markets in your local area to try new types of produce. Whether you incorporate heirloom tomatoes into your cooking, or try one of the rainbow of colors of carrots, biodiversity can bring a great new experience to your table.
  • View photos of endangered species on the Internet with your child and discuss the reasons why these animals are threatened and why they should be protected.
  • Join a community group and help to remove invasive plants from your local environment.
  • Get out into the world and enjoy all the different types of life your local area offers. Even your street or a local park can have an amazing variety of life you’ve never noticed, from insects, birds, chipmunks, to trees and flowers.
  • Consider planting a pollinator garden in your yard (or in a flowerpot) to help save the bees and butterflies from declining.

For more ideas on how to increase the biodiversity of your own backyard, go to:

Celebrate the diversity of our natural world every day!


Child Abuse Prevention Policy and Program

The Upper Grand District School Board places a high priority on the safety of our students.  The child Abuse Prevention Policy is evidence of our commitment to this priority.  The following is a quote from this policy:

“Every citizen in the community shares a responsibility for our children.  School officials and teachers share this collective community responsibility for creating safe and nurturing environments for children.  Under the Child and Family Services Act, this responsibility includes the legal requirement to report to the local Children’s Aid Society any suspected child abuse or other situations where a child may be in need of protection.  Teachers and other Board employees have a special opportunity to know and understand children during their most influential years of development.  They are in a unique position to be able to see early signs of maltreatment, and to know or hear about the abuse and neglect that is often suffered by children.”

As required in the Policy, we will be teaching age-appropriate lessons to help our students identify abuse and protect themselves from abusive situations.  The goal is to provide children with the tools they need to keep themselves safe. The lessons cover a broad range of safety issues including bullying, stranger danger and abuse by a known and trusted adult.

Students in grades one and three participate in lessons from the Red Cross Be Safe, while grade five students will be taught the Kids in the Know Child Abuse Prevention program by their classroom teachers with the support of the Child and Youth Counsellor.  The grade seven program is Red Cross- It’s Not Your Fault and will be presented by the Child and Youth Counsellor. There is no formal program in grade two, four, six and eight although the safety concepts are reviewed by classroom teachers informally.

We encourage you to discuss with your child at home the concepts taught in the Child Abuse Prevention Curriculum.

For more information regarding the Child Abuse Prevention Policy and/or Programs please contact Ms. Barrow, Principal or Mrs. Spindley, Child and Youth Counsellor.


Talking about Mental Health – May  6-10 is Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being Week!

Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being Week is about promoting mental wellness, increasing awareness of child and youth mental health, decreasing stigma and understanding that support is available. Let’s improve everyone’s mental health and well- being!

The theme for Child and Youth Mental Health and Well-being at UGDSB is: Have a SUPER Week!

Social Connections

Understanding Emotions

Personal Health



Each day of the week will focus on a different aspect of Mental Health and Well Being. The schools will be provided with resources and activities related to each day’s theme.

As a parent, you can increase the Mental Health and Well-being of your children, youth and family too! Here are some suggestions:

Monday, May 6-Social Connection –  “Don`t be shy. Just say hi!“

Say Hi to 3 people that you do not know. Perform a random act of kindness.

Tuesday, May 7– Understanding Emotions – “Sad, glad, happy, mad – just be you”

Right now, stop and reflect on how you are feeling. Take a couple of moments as a family to do some deep breathing.  Now, how are you feeling?

On Wednesday, wear GREEN to support Mental Health Awareness.

Wednesday, May 8Personal Health – “Healthy Self. Heal-thy self”.  Wear green today to support Mental Health Awareness.

Did you know that how our bodies feel affects how good we are feeling? Three of the best things you can do to improve your mood is to exercise, sleep well and eat well. Go for a walk or play a game, get outside, turn off the devices an hour before bed and eat fresh food! The more you do to help your body feel good, the better you will feel!

Thursday, May 9 – Empathy – “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”.

When in doubt – be kind.  Try seeing something from another person`s perspective today.

Friday, May 10Resilience – “If Plan A doesn`t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!”.

Mental Health and Well-being means coping with the ups and downs of day to day life. Building more resilient thoughts and skills can really help. Children and youth can also find support by seeking help from caring adults. Take time now to talk with child or youth about who those caring adults are in their lives.

For more information about Mental Health and Well-being and interactive activities with your children and youth:

CMHA Get Loud! A comprehensive resource and tool kits.

Mind your Mind (online)

Fun, interactive options for de-stressing for youth.

Smiling Mind (Free App)

An app that guides you through simple, calming meditations.

GoNoodle (Free App)

Fun interactive body and mind breaks for kids.

At the end of the week, talk with your child/youth about the things that made them feel more connected, emotionally aware, healthy, empowered and resilient and continue to do those things every day!

Most of all… have a SUPER week!

Jenny Marino is the Mental Health and Addiction Lead for Upper Grand District School Board

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