Reminder about EQAO assessments

Posted May 21, 2019


Grade 3 and 6 students across Ontario will be assessed by the “Education Quality and Accountability Office” in reading, writing, and mathematics.  Our grade 3 students will complete the assessment on May 22 – 24. The Grade 6 students will complete the assessment on May 28 – 30.  Our teachers and students are working hard to prepare for these assessments, and we sincerely appreciate your support in limiting student absences, and lates during these times.

School and provincial results of this assessment will be made public in the fall.  Individual student results are also released to parents at that time.  The data from these assessments are used to assist schools in the evaluation of their School Improvement Plans.

 Help Your Child Do Well on Tests:

  1. Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep before every test.
  2. Provide a light, healthy breakfast on test day.
  3. Have your child dress comfortably and arrive at school on time.
  4. Send your child off to school with confidence-building words of praise.
  5. Remind your child to carefully read directions.
  6. Tell your child to check his or her work before turning in the test.

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