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Posted May 31, 2019

September 2019 Class Organization:

At this time of year we are beginning to work on determining the 2019-2020 school organization, and the make up of classes for next year.  Teacher collaboration occurs around determining student placement for the subsequent year.  Teachers spend a considerable amount of time determining the best possible placement for each student.  Teachers have the expert knowledge about how your child learns, their learning style and work habits, and what kind of social groupings foster their growth.

Although the staffing process and student placements begin at this time of year, teaching assignments, school organizations and student placements will not be finalized until the second week of September.  We continue to work towards minimizing disruptions to class organizations; however, student registrations in August may result in changes to class placements.  With this in mind, class lists for September will be available on the first day of school.

We appreciate your trust and understanding in our professional judgement in the student placement process.



The 2018-19 Grade 8 Graduation will be held on June 26th at JD Hogarth PS.  The ceremony will be held from 6:30-7:30 p.m.  Tickets will be issued for immediate family members.  Graduates are to arrive at 6:00 p.m.  The graduation is followed by a dance from 7:45-9:30 p.m.  Students must be picked up by an adult at the end of the dance.  Students are not permitted to leave the premises unless a parent comes into the school to pick up their son/daughter.  Information has been sent out to all parents of grade 8 students.  This event is a wonderful chance to celebrate years of hard work and welcome new beginnings. Grad Boy


We have experienced some unpredictable weather lately!  We remind parents that students are outside for two 20 minute recess breaks each day.  We strongly recommend that parents take appropriate precautions to protect their children from the harmful rays of the sun.  Students are encouraged to wear hats, sunscreen and sunglasses when on the playground.Lotion

Subs, Pizza, Salad Days and Milk:

The last day for subs this year is June 10th, last day for pizza is June 13th, the last day for salad days and milk is June 14th.

School Bus Code of Conduct: 

  1. Remain seated with belongings on your lapSchool Bus
  2. Face the front at all times
  3. Refrain from eating or drinking
  4. Obey the bus driver

As we near the completion of the 2018-2019 school year, students often begin to demonstrate their excitement for the summer holidays.  Unfortunately, this excitement can lead to distractions while riding on the school bus.  Please take time to review the importance of bus safety at all times with your son/daughter.

Lost and Found:

Please remember to check out our Lost and Found items before leaving at the end of June.  Any unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity the first week of July.  As well, over the course of the year, a various assortment of school items find their way home.  Should you come across any items; i.e., books, physical education equipment, etc., please forward them to the school.


Final Report Cards:

Reports will be sent home on Tuesday, June 25th.   Page three of the report card, which must be held in each student’s Ontario Student Record file, needs to be returned by Thursday, June 27th.  Thank you for your help in meeting this quick turn-around time.

Report Card


A letter has been sent home with your child, if you have medication kept in the office for him or her.  Please stop in the office at the end of school to take it home for the summer. Thanks for your assistance.



Just a reminder that if you know you are moving over the summer, please call the office and let us know.  It helps when we begin to make up our draft class lists to know who is attending or not.  Any changes to your child’s information can be updated quickly by speaking with our office coordinator – Mrs. Oliver.

Moving Boxes

Lost and Overdue Library Books:

Beginning June 10th, all students are required to return their books to the library.  If your child has lost a library book, the replacement fee is $2.00 for a magazine, $5.00 for a paperback and $10.00 for a hardcover.         Thanks!  Mrs. Preston BookwormFood & Friends

Thank you to all who contributed to the Food & Friends student nutrition program this school year. The school raised $1700 for the Live Free Campaign! All funds go directly to the snack & lunch program. We are always looking for new volunteers for the program.  Please contact Leah Dube at nutritionjd@gmail.com or 519-787-0151 if you are interested in ensuring kids at JD Hogarth hunger for knowledge not for food.CFGW_Logo

Salad Day and Snack Helpers needed next year:

Would you like to be a part of our amazing Salad and Snack team? Are you able to donate a little bit of your time to provide nutritious food to our students? If so, Leah Dube needs your help! We are looking to fill the following positions:

Snack Bins – Refill snack bins before 10:30 am, Monday- Friday. This job requires about one – half hour of your time. Days are flexible based on your availability.

Food Prep – Prepare and chop salad ingredients – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. A food processor is available and this may only take an hour of your time. Days are flexible based on your availability.

Salad Day Supervisor – Set up and supervise a salad day from 12:40-1:40 pm – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Student helpers provided. Days can be split based on your availability.

If interested, please call the office and leave your contact information so we may call you in the fall to add you to our team of amazing volunteers! Any amount of help, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!Lettuce



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