Food & Friends – Snack & Lunch Program Donations

Posted October 8, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians

The Food and Friends snack and lunch programs have been running at our school for the past 10+ years. The food the children receive includes healthy options as guided by the Ministry’s nutritional guidelines, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. There are many reasons why children/youth arrive at school without the food needed to sustain them an entire school day. One in five children in Canada are deemed “hungry”, defined as lacking foods vital to their physical and emotional development. We know once healthy food is provided, a child’s world changes. They become more alert, able to concentrate, improve socially, physically and academically. This program is vital to our school community.

As outlined in the grant guidelines, parents must be given the opportunity to contribute to the program. At this time, we are asking for parental contributions to help support our much needed programs. We receive grants from The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services and The Children’s Foundation Food and Friends program for a portion of the costs but we must raise the additional 20% of funds needed for our program. There are 2 ways to donate to our programs, either through the school’s School Cash Online, or through the Food and Friends website.  If you donate $20 or more and want a tax receipt, you would need to donate through the Food and Friends website as the school will not issue tax receipts:

If you are donating online through the Food and Friends website, please indicate in the Additional notes regarding your donation section that you wish to have your donation directed to our school.  Please note that our nutrition program is universally accessible to all students and is available whether you contribute financially or not.

Thanks for helping to keep these vital programs going in our school.


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