Vehicles and Student Safety

Posted November 29, 2019

With the colder weather and snow on its way, vehicle traffic can increase at JD Hogarth.  As a result, student and staff safety is our number one concern, it is important to remind everyone of drop off and pick up procedures at JD Hogarth P.S.  The bus loading area is located directly in front of the school and must remain open for buses.  All other vehicles are not permitted to park or block the bus lane.  There is very limited parking at JD Hogarth; therefore we encourage walking to and from school.  If you must drive on occasion, please park in any empty space or wait in the back parking lot. In addition, we ask parents to please be respectful of our neighbours at the church, and keep their fire exit clear at all times.  Thank you to all parents in advance for making arrangements for safe transportation practices.


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