School Reorganization Information

Posted September 16, 2021

School Community: For your information only, the following letter was sent to students in all classes that were impacted by the reorganization. If your child did not receive a letter, your child was not impacted.

Dear Parents/Guardians: September 16th, 2021 

This letter is to advise families that we are in a position of having to reorganize our classes at JD Hogarth Public School. The Board’s District Staffing Committee has created a new class organization for our school. We will be re-organizing the placement of students in many of our classes from grades 2-8. Two of our split classes have become straight grades. Despite these challenging times, we want to acknowledge that we have had a positive and smooth start to our school year and feel optimistic that we will adapt to these changes. 

While it is very important that you understand we do not have a choice, and many changes have to be made, we are fortunate that we have an excellent staff who have made decisions in the best interests of the students, and will provide support for a smooth transition. JD Hogarth staff have worked hard making changes and difficult decisions in order to comply with our new organization. 

In our experience, we have found that students are very resilient to change and that our attitude can have a significant impact on how our children react and respond to new situations. As parents, please help your child adjust to these changes by remaining optimistic. Although this news may create some anxious feelings for you and your child(ren), please know that in moving students we have taken friendships, individual needs and academic ability into consideration.  All of the teachers at JD Hogarth P.S. work extremely hard to provide each and every one of our students with the best possible education. 

Thank you to all the students, staff and parents for your patience and confidence in our ability to make decisions in the best interests of our students. Please know that we recognize and understand that changes at this point in the year can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. We will work together as a team to embrace and persevere through this change. 

We are inviting students to join their new classroom period 6 on Friday, September 17th in order to meet their new classmates and teacher and get settled into their new space. They will line up with their new class Monday morning.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support during this transition.


Tracy Baker Principal

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