Posted January 9, 2023


JDH School Council

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Attendance: Stephen, Alli, Lisa, Michaela, Julie, Heather, Danielle, Tracy, Riley (student rep), Brodie (student rep)

1. Call to order, meeting started at 6:15 pm, motioned by Alli, seconded by Danielle

2. Approve agenda as presented, motioned by Alli, seconded by Danielle

3. Chair went over various items including

a. the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) which is at the Upper Grand Board level, next meeting is November 29, 2022. On December 3, 2022 at 8:45 am there is a session being hosted, “Building the best council” Stephen will send out further info would be great to have a few JD council members attend

b. council will prepare short survey to be filled out by the JDH teachers to find out their needs/wants/outcomes of council fundraising – prepare a Google doc so it is a live document

c. should request consent for current council email distribution list, prepare a document that shows when parents/guardians no longer have students at JD

d. Request for councils help with the Food and Friends program – possibly 1 hour per day – distribute food among classroom buckets. Stephen to put out an email, doesn’t have to be someone from council, nice to have more than one person share responsibility

4. Principal Report

a. Many activities going on in the school; Halloween dances, sports – soccer, grad clothing and spirit wear order window has now closed.

b. Remembrance Day assembly – more info to follow – all classes K-5 will participate, recess bells will be rearranged to allow assembly to start at 10:50, parents/guardians are welcome to attend.

c. School trips are happening and being looked into – finding the cost has increased so not all “usual” trips happening

d. Increasing the support in reading – staff, teachers and students are diligently working on increasing resources regarding supporting reading. Stay tuned, full support of staff, all hands on deck

5. Treasurer Report

a. Movie night – success, made over $500 for the playground fund – expenses not reimbursed yet

b. Chair, treasurers and principal to discuss the various accounts under the council leadership in short term

6. School Grant update

a. Many grants available, tech grant has been applied for

b. Committee to provide Tracy with a list and short description of grants available for staff to be able to come up with projects/programs that fit criteria – grant committee will then work with appropriate teacher to assist with writing and submitting of grant

c. Various due dates in future for grants, examples TD Environment and PC Nutrition

7. School Representatives

a. 12 applicants submitted an essay with their ideas

b. 2 chosen – one from English and one from French academic, Riley Turner and Brodie Gariepy are the successful candidates will attend council meetings and liaison with Tracy and student body to bring ideas and feedback

8. Movie Night – October

a. A success, around 100 people attended

b. Lessons to be learnt, but all in all a success

c. Looking at doing 2 more movie nights – possibly February and June (outside?)

9. Other various topics were discussed – open house (kindergarten and James McQueen (French grade 3’s) orientation, arts day, danceathon, fundraising

10. Close meeting, adjourned by Lisa and seconded by Heather

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