Jean Little Weekly – Sept 11

Posted September 11, 2022

Hello Dragon Families,

We are off to a great start, as we had an excellent first week of school.  We are excited, as many clubs and intramural’s will be up and running already.

A reminder that:

Class placement is tentative:

Jean Little has built class lists based on tentative organizations. Changes may be necessary at Jean Little in order for our Board to remain compliant with Ministry parameters. Any changes would be implemented by Monday, September 19th at the latest.  Principals do not have the option of changing the school organization that is set by the District Staffing Committee of the Board.  If changes affect your child(ren), you will be informed by the school by this week.

I just wanted to touch base about the upcoming weeks here at Jean Little and share some important info that will be coming up shortly.

Please see the important dates below:

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 12 – Intermediate Running club Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8am

Sept 13 – Popcorn sales return every Tuesday & Friday – Sold at 2nd break – $2 a bag

Sept 22 – Save the date – School Open House – 5pm to 7pm –

Sept 23 – School wide Terry Fox Run

* This week we are working on organizing Pizza and Sub Days – Stay Tuned

Our school website is always a great place to start for info and our school calendar is updated regularly to reflect upcoming dates.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to see the great things happening day in and out: @JeanlittlePS

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