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How does the John F. Ross Policy Compare to the Ministry “Cell Phone Ban”

Cellphones- Ontario Ministry of Education (downloaded August 2019)

In response to feedback from parents, students and teachers, we are updating the Provincial Code of Conduct to ban cellphone use in schools during instructional time starting in November 2019. Using cellphones during instructional time will be permitted for educational purposes (as directed by the educator), health and medical purposes or special education needs.

John F Ross Policy- Available in the Student Handbook on the JFR App.


This policy has been developed in consultation with students, parents and teachers at John F. Ross C.V.I.

Electronic Communication and Personal Entertainment Devices (iPods, MP3s and cell phones using similar functions) are a part of life. It is important to recognize that the use of these items should enrich students lives and not interfere with learning and the positive rapport between students and teachers that is so important to our community at Ross. Staff will role model appropriate use of personal devices.

Use of Electronic Devices outside of class time, (before school, at lunch, between classes, on spares and after school) Cell phones and Personal Entertainment Devices are acceptable during these times when used in a respectful manner.


  1. Teachers and students need to work together to achieve the best classroom environment for learning, one that integrates technologies appropriately.
  2. All personal entertainment devices will only be used in class with the express permission of the classroom teacher. Individual teachers may decide to have different policies on the use of these items.
  3. Unless part of a specific lesson, the use of cellphones for personal use in class by students or teachers IS NOT APPROPRIATE and distracts from a focus on learning. It will be understood at John F. Ross that cell phones must be off or on silent mode at all times when students are in class and put away so as to not be visible to, or usable by, students or teachers.
  4. All teachers will establish a policy for electronic devices in their own classroom which will be recorded on the Electronic Devices Policy Poster that will be posted in each classroom.  All students will be made aware of the electronic devices policy and consequences for misuse.  The policy will be included in the School Info App for review.
  5. If a student is found to be using an electronic device (without teacher permission) during class time, the classroom teacher may send the student to the office to surrender the device to an administrator. The administrator will have the student power it down, put an identifying tag on it and lock it in the vault. For first offences, the item can be retrieved by the student at 3:20 p.m. This will be noted on the student’s record. All subsequent offences will involve following the same procedure but parents will be notified to pick up the electronic device, instead of the student.
  6. Repeated offences will result in suspension.
  7. Students may not take electronic devices with them when leaving the classroom during class time (i.e. during a washroom break).


  1. At no time will any electronic devices be appropriate during quizzes, tests, or during exams. Any student found with a cell phone during tests or exams will have participated in a potentially dishonest act and the evaluation will be considered invalid.
  2. These devices must be stored in bags and not within reach of students.

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