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Specialized Programs

Upper Grand District School Board and John F. Ross CVI are able to offer selected students the opportunity to take online courses (e-learning).  Through the Ontario e-Learning Consortium, the UGDSB and 20 other school boards work together to optimize e-Learning programs and enhance student learning through emerging technologies and innovative practices.  Through this partnership students in the UGDSB have access to a broader range of courses taught by Ontario certified teachers.

Students who are unable to take a course through our daytime program may have the opportunity to gain that credit through e-learning.  In addition, students with specific needs as outlined in the protocol (below) may also enroll in e-learning courses. These courses meet Ministry standards, and are taught by Ontario teachers, and count as credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

In order to register for an e-learning course you must see a guidance counselor. In guidance, you will receive information about course availability and online learning requirements.  Online courses require self-discipline and self-motivation.  All decisions are based on the principal’s discretion.  Criteria to be considered for acceptance include:

Dual Credit
The Dual Credit program provides a unique opportunity for senior students to take courses in selected career areas at the college level, while exposing students to the college setting, culture, and expectations. Students receive credit at both the secondary school and college levels by taking courses that align with certificate, diploma, or level-one apprenticeship programs at college. Upper Grand DSB is partnered with three colleges through the School College Work Initiative, a consortium that covers costs for students to participate.

Dual Credit programs are packaged with two credits in co-operative education and are taught in semester two, where the co-op placement hours are scheduled around the dual credit instruction hours.  Registration is through an application process only. Please visit the Guidance Department to inquire.

Specialist High Skills Major

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a specialized program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific employment sector while meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  It assists in their transition from secondary school to Apprenticeship training, College, University, or even the Workplace.  At John F. Ross we offer SHSM in the following areas:

Arts and Culture
Health and Wellness

Please make an appointment with Ms. Brady in the Guidance office for further information.
For more general information on SHSM, go to the board website.