Night Among The Stars

Posted April 19, 2017

Please join us on April 27 for our annual “The Night Among the Stars” concert and art exhibit.  This year we will also be having an Open House and would welcome you to join us from 5:00-6:00 p.m. when all classrooms will be open and teachers will be available to say hello.  At 6:00 there will be performances in the gym from the following classes:

  • M Black
  • Mme Gratton
  • Mme Henry
  • Mme Siversky
  • Mme Jones
  • Mme Beaton

We look forward to meeting with you and having you join us for a couple of hours.

“With music, I feel complete. It reminds me that humans possess genius and can use it to create beauty. Music classes in our schools can unlock the doors to creativity and self expression for Canada’s young people and help them expand their horizons.”

—Dr. Marc Garneau, former head of the Canadian Space Agency and the first Canadian astronaut in space.


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