Exciting Times at JGPS

Posted September 2, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I have set a new goal for myself in the interest of increasing the link between school and home by blogging every Friday. If you have a topic you would like explored, or questions that you would like answered email me at [email protected]

It has been a great week in the office with new registrations and seeing the school come together as staff begin to create the new learning environment. It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes to get ready for the First Day.

It was great to meet so many new students and families. The students and staff are getting very excited to getting back to learning.

This year we continue to grow John Galt Public School as a safe place.  Our community school should be a safe place to express one’s individuality and different learning styles. We will be exploring the questions – What are your strengths and areas for growth? What talents do you bring and how can you contribute to the learning of others? My challenge to you, as parents and guardians, is to join us. contact Mrs. Mortimer or me, or your child’s teacher to share your talents with your child’s class or the school. Are you sporty and can lead a club? Do you knit? Do you read? Play an instrument? Seriously think about how you can get involved in the life of the school this year…your involvement is directly related to your child’s success – we invite you to be part of the conversation!

As a community, we will also be striking a school vision committee of staff, students, parents and community members to create a vision statement or belief statement to help guide all of us in making John Galt PS the best school in the city! Stay tuned for new information.

Tuesday will be an amazing day and an event that reminds us, as staff, what a privilege it is to work with you in supporting the development of our children!

And so it begins…

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