The First week is in the books!

Posted September 10, 2016

What an amazing week it has been. I always find it hard to describe the feeling of having the staff and students back in the building and listening to the excited buzz of talk in the classrooms. It is truly something special.

Mrs. Mortimer and I have toured the classrooms this week watching the teachers engage with the students and get them excited for learning. Students have been involved with setting goals and identifying strengths and weaknesses, creating profiles and pictures so that staff can get to know your child and your child can begin to reflect on their strengths and areas for growth.

A lot of information came home this week. The newsletter will be sent home next week and will be posted to our website. I am going to try and use the website more effectively this year – this is one of my goals! Please take the time to review the documents sent home – you can do this with your child as well where appropriate.

Often as a staff we are asked about homework, which in itself is a debate that continues to rage in the educational literature. John Galt PS does not have a homework policy but I thought it would be useful to outline some of the practices that occur. The type and amount of homework will vary by grade and class. If we had one wish as a staff, however, it would be that every child would read every night and practise their math facts – be it counting or multiplication facts. These are two things that will always support what your child does at school.

Homework should not be a battle, ideally it should be fun. Ultimately your child is accountable to their teacher for the completion of homework. Homework is also not “graded” as it is evaluated as part of the Learning Skills on the report card. Always know that you can contact your child’s teacher with questions or concerns.

You can support by establishing a homework routine and a place to complete it. For instance, reading together or practicing counting or times tables can be done after dinner clean up for 30 minutes. Check out this link from Today’s Parent for some ideas “”

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