Gratitude for Snow on a Sunday Night

Posted December 4, 2016

Hi All:

I find it hard to believe that we are already in December. I thought I would write tonight about snow and the winter.

One of the neat things about snow in Guelph is that most of us enjoy it! It is always amazing to see the students’ enthusiasm for the snow. Last week, when we had the first snowfall, it took no time at all for the children to get out there and start making snowmen and working together to create huge snowballs ! It is amazing the pride they show.

December is a great time to celebrate and spend time with family, whether it is just your “house” or if it is with your extended family or friends. All religious celebrations and gatherings at this time of year emphasize getting together and enjoying each others’ company. It is a good time to share the gratitude of our support networks.

We would like to say thanks to you, our school community, for coming out to interview night and for enjoying some time together during games night. Our School Council did an excellent job of organizing. We also have our community holiday concert coming up later in the month, so please make plans to come and share in the music and presentations!

So – get out in the snow! Encourage your children to play, build, shovel and explore together. Enjoy the winter weather and explore your local community, together.

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