Line Up Areas and Recess Zones

Posted September 9, 2020

Primary Line Up Area

(notice the gate in the background, this is where we are asking parents to wait behind)



Junior Line Up Area



Intermediate Line Up Area

(8C is at the far left)



Recess Zones

(students will learn more about these zones over the next few days)


Arrival & Recess Zones by Grade/Class

(Primary/Junior students will enter through tarmac side of their zone & Intermediate students will enter through the back side of the their zone on the far side of the field.  Halfway is the front post of the uprights – these areas are for every morning after the first day of school.  When the bell rings, Primary/Junior classes go straight to their line up areas an Intermediate students make their way to the front of their zones (edge of the tarmac))

Screen Shot 2020 09 09 At 9.36.54 PM

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