The UGDSB transportation site is: Please bookmark this site for future reference. Students who are taking the bus (most Tytler students in JK – grade 6) should be contacted by the transportation department. If you have not heard from transportation by mid August, call 519 824- 4119.
There will be street patrols in certain areas to help cross students safely to school. We encourage walking to school as much as possible to promote exercise, eliminate pollution and reduce traffic congestion.

Educational Websites

Seven Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss :


To help your child with homework please visit some of the links below. If there are resources that are not here but you feel could be useful to other parents, please contact us with links to websites, books, or other useful materials.

Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Youth
Social Networking


What is Bullying?

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. If your child is experiencing some form of bullying and you need support, please following the links below. If you require further assistance, contact your child’s school administration.


School Code of Conduct