EJPS Week at a Glance (April 11-14)

Posted April 6, 2023

EJPS Week at a Glance (April 11-14)

Chers parents,

I am happy to share that our climbers are ready to be reopened for the spring. We will open the climbers on Tuesday, April 11th. Please take some time to chat about safe play on climbers with your child/children. Reminders such as “slides and poles are for going down not up”, “wait your turn”, “don’t push”, “watch where you are going” are all helpful to keep everyone safe. Additionally, we have a schedule we follow so that the climbers are not overcrowded. See below. 


Swing Set Anselmini-Lofton 4A & Stolfi 3A
Spider Smith 6A & Ammon 5B & Roberts 5\6C
Swing Set White 2A & Davis 2\3 D & Shirton-Smith 3\4B
Spider Forbes 1A & Paxman 1\2B & Prilesnik 1\2C


Swing Set Smith 6A & Ammon 5B & Roberts 5\6C
Spider Anselmini-Lofton 4A & Stolfi 3A
Swing Set Forbes 1A & Paxman 1\2B & Prilesnik 1\2C
Spider White 2A & Davis 2\3 D & Shirton-Smith 3\4B

In other news, Officer Pettapiece will be visiting us on Tuesday to hold Bus Patrol Recruiting for Grade 4 & 5 students who will be our senior students next year. Permission forms and training information will go home with any interested students. We will be rescheduling our lockdown drill later in the spring and will let you know in advance before we do one. 

Also, thank you to Mme Roberts for organizing the Grade 6 Popcorn fundraiser. The grade 6s are learning all about supply and demand as well as reconciling orders. It’s quite the operation! The money will help reduce the cost of our Grade 6 camp. If you wish to have your child get a bag of prepackaged popcorn then please send $2 exact change over the next few Fridays. Thank you for your support!

Below are some important dates: 

  • April 7 & 10 > Statutory Holidays
  • April 11 >  Bus Patrol Recruitment 
  • April 12 > Day of Pink (a day of age appropriate awareness and proactivity to stand up against identity-based harm)
  • April 18 > School Council Meeting
  • April 21 > Earth Day Spirit Assembly 
  • May 1 – 5 > Education Week
  • May 15 > Bicycle Safety Presentation Gr 3,4,5
  • Nay 16 > Gr 5 Mountsberg Trip
  • May 16 > School Council Meeting
  • May 19 > Jump Rope for Heart
  • May 22 > Statutory Holiday
  • May 26 > DSD Club mini-Play “Bottom of the Sea”
  • May 30, 31, June 1 > Gr 6 EQAO
  • June 1st Kindergarten field trip to Mountsberg
  • June 2 > PD Day & JK Orientation (for new JKs next year)
  • June 6,7,8 > Gr 3 EQAO (updated!)
  • June 9 > Groundwater Festival Gr 2-5
  • June 15 & 16 > Gr 6 Camp
  • June 22 > Gr 6 Graduation
  • June 29 > Last day of school

Enjoy your long weekend and we wish a happy Easter and blessed Passover to our Christian and Jewish families!


Olivier Cutz (Principal)






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