French Immersion Information and Admission

The French Immersion program begins in Kindergarten and is available to any student in the Upper Grand District School Board. Admission to the program in subsequent grades is available only to students from other jurisdictions with an Early Immersion program or to those students who have a comparable proficiency in the French language.

Oral French Language Expectations

Given our status as a French Immersion Centre, we would like our students to take advantage as much as possible of the unique opportunities available in French. Curriculum expectations for French Language instruction are found by grade level in the Ministry of Education guidelines” French as a Second Language: Extended French Grade 4-8; French Immersion Grade 1-8. “

To support these provincial expectations, we will be following these guidelines with our students, as appropriate to the grade level:

  1. Consistent use of French to address teachers
  2. Consistent use of French between students in classroom conversations
  3. Use of French in addressing teachers on the playground and in the hallways (within reasonable safety limits)
  4. Use of French on the P.A. system for announcements
  5. Use of French at assemblies
  6. Use of French by students and staff on school trips and tournaments as appropriate.

Classroom teachers will regularly check student comprehension both in the classroom and on the playground.