Weekly Update

Posted October 9, 2020

ThankfulWe have had a great week here at King George.  Among other things, Grey in Mme Connell’s class won Question de la semaine and we somehow managed to avoid drenching rains during recesses!

This weekend and throughout the week, I will be reading IEPs for students who have them and they will be going home on Friday.  There is a School Council meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 pm that you can access with this link:  meet.google.com/xjw-pikz-acp.  The agenda for that meeting is attached to this email.  Information about the board’s mental health supports will be shared along with updates about our equity work and the possibility of switching learning models between remote and in-person schools. 

M.Taylor and I have been meeting with each member of staff to get to know them and to learn about the professional goals they are working on this year so we can offer whatever supports are required.  The educational staff here is dedicated and committed.  It has been a wonderful experience for us to connect with staff so far and we look forward to meeting with everyone over the next couple of weeks.

This week, we will be joining schools across the board to kick off an LGBTQ+ spirit celebration on Thursday this week.  We will be inviting students to come dressed colourfully so we represent a welcoming rainbow.  Teachers will be sharing stories and talking to classes at a level that is appropriate for each group about the importance of being accepting and welcoming of those from the LGBTQ+ community.  If your child would like to show their support, then please encourage them to come to school on Thursday colourfully dressed!

I hope each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Even though Public Health is directing us to avoid visiting inside with people from different households, I hope you are able to have a small outdoor or online visit with family and friends.  I have been reflecting on things for which I’m thankful, and I must admit, there are times when that feels a bit hard lately.  But the reality is that I am fortunate indeed, and one thing for which I am deeply grateful is to have landed among such supportive and welcoming families here at King George.  Merci à tous et bon fin-semaine.

Jane Bibby, Principal

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