Halloween at King George!

Posted October 23, 2020

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This year, things will be a little different for Hallowe’en, but it will still be a fun day with costumes for those who wish to wear them!  Here are the new COVID-safe rules:

    • Students can wear costumes or orange & black, but 
      • Students will wear their outfits all day, which will assist with distancing as younger students often require a significant amount of help to get costumes on and off;
      • All accessories are to stay home to minimize items brought to school;
      • Students still need to wear their mask as usual, so facial make-up should be minimal;
      • Activities will be in class only: no parades, dances, etc.; and
      • We can’t share candy/drinks/treats, so we are going to skip this part of the celebration this year.

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