November School Council Minutes

Posted December 8, 2020


L’Ecole King George (KG) Public School Council

Supporting Education through Community, Communication and Innovation 

Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2020

In Attendance: Jane Bibby (Principal), David Taylor (Vice-Principal) Leslie Fisher (Co-Chair), Scott McRoberts (Co-Chair), Karen Arnold (Co-Treasurer), Jennifer Donahue (Co-Treasurer), Erica Scime (Secretary), Julia Cathro-Oliver, Graham Epstein, Michael Brodie, Penny Beanish, Jennifer Duggan, Katherine Mary Roger, Katie Ewald, Casey McMorrow, Nicole Neufeld, Jen Woodside, Robert Cathro- Oliver, Maureen Oesch, Lisa Hood, Emmanuel Arnauld, Melissa Paciulan, Janet Morton, Dawn M.

  1. Introductions 
  1. Grade 8 Graduation committee – call for volunteers: Janet Morton
  • Parents of Grade 8s are concerned about the leadership skills and opportunities their kids are missing out on that normally would have taken place.
  • Thinking of doing a Class Trip Theme for their graduation.
  • All interested parents in volunteering, please email Janet Morton directly [email protected]
  1. Approval of the October Meeting Minutes and November Agenda.
  2. Principal’s Update: Jane Bibby
    First positive COVID-19 case reported at the school
  • Think people want to know what happens when the school is informed about a positive COVID-19 case that took place earlier today.
  • First step is to contact everyone who was in close contact with individuals who tested positive. These people were called already by the school and advised that they need to stay home until they hear from Public Health.
  • Jane felt she had tremendous support from the board and from Public Health. She got the call from Public Health at 2pm and all kids in close contact with the individual were picked up before the bell rang at 2:50pm.
  • We have a great school community and it showed in this difficult situation.

Reorganization of school staff due to changes in Learning Model

  • Survey with the option of caregivers to choose learning streams for their kids has closed.
  • Our school does not need to make any staff changes as a result of the survey, which is amazing.
  • Jane is feeling a lot of gratitude for that.
  • 4 kids going to remote and 2 remote learners are coming back to in-person, so down 2 in-person kids overall.

Parent Teacher interviews

  • They will be done virtually.
  • The teachers are offering additional time slots to be flexible to accommodate everyone’s schedules.
  • Caregivers will be asked to book their time slots online with their children’s teachers by Sun., Nov. 22.
  • Or you can call the office and the school will schedule it for you.
  1. Treasurers’ Update- Jenn Donahue & Karen Arnold (See attached reports)
  • 7 teachers have claimed their start-up funds and they’ve added more money to be able to accommodate all of these costs this month. Jane had been reviewing the receipts as they come in to ensure they are being used for school appropriate items. So far, they all are. Teachers are buying books and licenses for reading programs. They are also buying white boards and special craft supplies for interesting projects.
  • General accounts-transfer for start-up funds and the money for the play bag equipment purchased by Jane and David.
  • There’s approx. $800 under the Equity Committee that is available to use for future equity and diversity initiatives.
  1. EDI committee update: Katie Ewald
  • Maureen Oesch and Jen Woodside have taken the following steps for an anti-racism training for parents:
  • Agree that Kevin Sutton was a good start but concerned with using the money only with a very small group of people. Wondering if that’s OK to do?
  • Jen reached out to the Guelph Black Heritage Society; Maureen reached out to Kevin Sutton
  • The GBHS has indicated that they are interested to support us but they have deferred to Kevin Sutton
  • Maureen approached Kevin re the possible theme of how to talk with children about racism and his thoughts on: how many people he would consider the upper limit for a training session either with parent populations at large or with core leadership groups from key schools in online and in person contexts; compensation; continuing to frame training in a compassionate way
  • Kevin recommended that we start with the KG parent council and then make three 3-hour sessions which would fold in a greater community.
  • Hoping to have deeper conversations with PIC (Board level) to pursue resources to do another session with Kevin Sutton.
  • Maureen will reach out to Edward Johnson’s School Parent Council and Leslie will reach out to Victoria’s School Parent Council, to see if they want to pool funds for a joint workshop/session with Kevin Sutton.
  • We would like to have a Celebrate Diversity event somehow this year still, online. We don’t know what this entails but recognize the need for celebration in these times.  We would like this to be in February as it coincides with Black History Month. 
  1. Parking Lot
  • Hearing concerns from kids about overlapping cohorts, some kids very concerned about kids going out of their zones.
  • Teachers are monitoring it, but it does happen. Jane said it doesn’t happen that often but it’s difficult for teachers/supervisors to know who belongs with who.
  • Jane would really like kids to tell their supervisors if there are kids going out of their zone if they are comfortable doing so.
  • Acknowledges it’s difficult for King George because there isn’t as much outside space as other schools.
  • Kids have expressed that they want to change up their zones and be beside different kids.
  • Kids are allowed to their leave zone if they need to get help or retrieve a ball.
  • Welcome to hear any and all ideas on how the cohorts could be easier to identify but feel no system is perfect and kids often cover for each other.


  1. Date reminders
  • Dec 10th – School Council Meeting
  • Dec 18th – last day of school before December Break
  • Jan 4th – return to school
  • **** Attached the Equity and Inclusion calendar for December.

Next KG School Council Meeting scheduled for Thurs., Dec. 10 at 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Google meet details will be posted on the school website closer to the date and start of the meeting.

2020 11 KG School Council Minutes

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