September School Council Minutes

Posted September 28, 2021

L’Ecole King George (KG) Public School Council

Supporting Education through Community, Communication and Innovation

 Meeting Minutes – September 14th, 2021

In Attendance:

Jane Bibby, David Taylor, Jennifer Duggan, Amie Melnychuk, Katie Ewald, Julia Cathro-Oliver, Karen Arnold, Cathy Kim, Joel Bamsey, Ashley Dickson, Emmanuelle Drewitt, Sara Sarkar, Christie Brown, Patti Holmes, Jennifer Donaghue,  Leslie Fisher: Chair of the Meeting, Leslie Fisher, Melissa Paciulan – minutes

  1. Introductions

  2. Approval of the September Agenda.

  3. Principal’s Update: Jane Bibby, Principal

David– pleading for lunch supervisors – 12:25pm- 1:10pm, great way to be in school, paid position, lots of support needed. Do you know anyone who can help?

Email [email protected]

Jane– big focus for early Fall is to be learning about residential schools- heart garden is a good start but it’s not enough. Starting a relationship with  the former Mohawk Institute Residential School in Brantford. See email sent out to families September 20th

Hi, King George Families!

At École King George, we are working to learn more about residential schools and their impact. We are raising money in support of the Save the Evidence campaign, which aims to develop the former Mohawk Institute Residential School in Brantford into an Interpretive Centre that will provide information about the history of Residential Schools in Canada, the experiences of Survivors, and their lasting and ongoing impact on Indigenous communities.

 For more information on the Save the Evidence Campaign, please visit: We have set a goal to raise $3,000.  I’m hopeful we can surpass that.

If your family is not currently in a position to contribute, then we understand and there is absolutely no pressure to donate money.  Just as important as the money – maybe more so – is a commitment to learning more and working towards reconciliation.  Ask your child about what they are learning at school and perhaps do a little research at home together. 

Every child matters.

Startup has been calm. Kids seem happy and kids are more relaxed not being in zones. Lots of children are feeling behind academically. People are where they are for lots of reasons. Kids are coming to us where they are. Our priority is creating a safe space, where they belong and feel safe to take a risk. We want children feeling confident and competent. Kids are feeling frustrated and sad. It’s okay to be a bit lost, you aren’t alone!

Our school will be losing a class. Grades 3, 4 and 5 will be impacted. We are losing a couple of splits. 31 children will need to change classes on Monday. Kids generally adjust fast. Don’t want to rush things. Goal is to have some decisions made by Friday so they can have the weekend to process and know where they are going.

David– It is so great to hear kids on the playground having fun!!!

  1. Treasurers’ Update- Karen Arnold and Jennifer Donahue (report attached)

Karen- financial update, 2020-2021 summary

Small amount of scientist in the school- balance exists

Teacher start up- balance exists

Talked about expenses made last year and current balances

Desperately need fundraising- only about $1229 left to allocate

  1. Allocations for 2021

David – we found some more playground equipment to use

Going to use salt bins so that equipment can be on playground and will available for all to use no top up need at this time,

What is council funds? Cathy Kim said it’s a bit of carry over. A reserve to start the school year and at one point covered insurance when we needed it.

We only need insurance if we are doing something away from the school. When at school with Jane and David insurance is not needed.

Jennifer D asked: How many total teachers do we have at the school? Jane is unsure. Approximately 20 homerooms, 25 KG teachers total.

David does not anticipate the need for a major mulch top up this year.

Is pizza fundraising and milk going to be allowed? Right now, these are paused with the startup. But Jane and David are hopeful that perhaps there will be opportunities for this in the future.

Cathy Kim suggested we use Scientists in the School money (this is currently on hold) for teacher start-ups.

Lots of “yes”es in chat to offer $150 per teacher as a start-up fund. We will allocate money from other areas for the teachers.

Jane asked us to be careful with our fundraisers that allow everyone to participate fully, that do not put undue pressure on families, and that we wait to fundraise until the Mohawk school fundraising has been completed.

Council is currently looking for a new treasurer or co- treasurers

-Treasurer’s job- enters data, provides reports., managing spreadsheets. When money is deposited, she would pick it up and deposit it at the bank.  Deal with cheque requests. Etc.

No new staff will be hired this year at the school unless a teacher leaves the school.

  1. Explanation of open School Council positions and call for volunteers

– secretary

– Co Treasurers

– Snack program ( full program is not running at the moment Miranda Bowhuis is our lead at the moment)

-Council Co-Chair

-Greening & Grounds Event/Fundraiser Coordinator – not needed at this time

-Play bag coordinator – pending audit of playbags

– E.D.I. (Equity, Diversity,Inclusion) committee -open to those who are interested in joining this committee

Contact Katie if you want to join the EDI Committee: [email protected], committee meets monthly as needed.

Amie Melnychuk offered to be a secretary and Erica Scime is also available.

Ashley Dickson “is in” as coordinator of the informal Greening and Grounds committee-  she has some questions about Eco Club, etc. Will need to connect with Mme. Wilson.

If you are interested in helping please email [email protected] to connect with Ashely

Julia Cathro-Oliver– offered to be lead/ co lead for grade 8 grad. If you are interested in helping out please email :  [email protected]

*Chair/ co chair of the Board needed

 *Treasurers needed

 ***Please reach out to  [email protected] for more info about volunteer opportunities, roles, time commitment, role sharing.  Parent council is a great way to feel connected to the school especially when classroom volunteer opportunities are limited!

  1. Heart Garden Maintenance

Emmanuelle: The Heart Garden in front of the library update-

Original idea proposed in June 2021:

  • Heart Garden: At the end of the Truth and Reconciliations Inquiry people were encouraged to create a Heart Garden and it was suggested that schools create them as a way to honour the 215 Residential School Children remains found recently on the grounds of Kamloops Residential School. We will be letting families write messages using sharpies when they come to school to pick up their things on June 24 & 25. The idea is that these hearts would be planted and kept until Orange Shirt Day 2021 on Sept. 30th.

Needs some TLC. Might be a good class project. How to proceed? What to do with leftover hearts? (approx. 100-200)

Jane:  perhaps we can take the hearts out before the winter and figure out a way to make that area a more permanent garden in the future.

From Chat:

Amie Melnychuk: Would we be able to work with an indigenous person to plant a medicine wheel?

Christie Brown: Is there an opportunity for a class to marry the medicinal plants with learning about residential schools?

Christie Brown:

Can you see the heart garden from the outside of the fence perimeter?

Julia Cathro-Oliver: river rocks?

Ashley Dickson

You might be able (later) to epoxy them into a stone for the perimeter

Jennifer Duggan

I have been stalking this garden because I work at the hospital and would love to see something there:

Jane Bibby

I can reach out to the Indigenous lead at the board to see if she has any connections to someone to guide us in this project if you like?

Thank you, Emmanuelle!

Jennifer Duggan7:57 PM

Lots of great suggestions and it is clear there is a desire to see this become a permanent space.

Conclusion for now the grass will be trimmed and tidied and prior to the deep freeze the Hearts will be removed and kept to be hopefully used in a more permanent way.  In the meantime, Jane will reach out to our Indigenous Lead at the Board level for some connections on someone who may be able to guide us in making this project a more permanent place at our school.   A call for volunteers will come over the next few months.

  1. PIC (Parent Involvement committee UGDSB)

– First PIC meeting of the year virtually Monday, September 27th at 7:00pm.

Agenda attached

  1. Parking Lot:

Katie -Date for the final Anti Oppression training with Kevin Sutton (3rd in three part workshop) will likely be in October/ November. Exact date to be determined by the EDI committee.

Dates to Remember

  • September 22 – open house

Wednesday September 22nd from 6-7 pm is our school Open House.  It will be virtual again, but we are going to do it differently compared to last year.  You can use the link in the banner of your child’s Google Classroom to join a Google Meet.  Your child’s educator will be there to say hello and to answer any general questions you might have.  Links for chatting with David and me or Planning Teachers will also be posted in the Google Classroom under the heading “Open House.”  We hope this is a more interactive way to connect and establish a relationship with teachers and the school.

  • September 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Orange Shirt Day – Understanding the impact of Residential Schools in the spirit of Reconciliation and Hope
  • September 27th – PIC meeting 6:45-9:00pm
  • October 7thth – Photo Day
  • October 8th – Terry Fox Walk (in individual class groups)
  • October 11th – Thanksgiving – no school
  • October 19th – School Council – 6:30 pm
  • October 24th – Childcare Worker and ECE Appreciation Day
  • October 30th – PD day – no school

Next Meeting

October Meeting date- Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 at 6:30pm

 Please Note: Future meeting dates will be decided when Council positions are filled








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