November School Council Minutes

Posted November 16, 2021

L’Ecole King George (KG) Public School Council

Supporting Education through Community, Communication and Innovation

School Council Meeting Minutes – November 9, 2021

In Attendance: Jane Bibby (Principal), David Taylor (Vice-Principal), Leslie Fisher (Chair), Erica Scime (Co-Secretary), Christie Brown, Em Drewitt, Jen Woodside, Jennifer Duggan, Melissa Paciulan, Casey McMorrow.

  1. Introductions 
  2. Approval of the October Meeting Minutes and November Agenda. 
  3. Principal’s Update: Jane Bibby, Principal and VP, David Taylor
  • Library update:
    • Received a few blind quotes and they were around $14,000.
    • Instead, purchased a TV that has been successfully used in other school libraries facing the same lighting challenges for $2,600 so purchased it.
  • Spirit Days:
    • Will have a whole month of celebrating in December.
      • 1st week will be Hanukkah themed-kids will learn about various Hanukkah traditions and on the Wed., kids could wear blue, silver or grey if they want to.
      • 2nd Winter Solstice & Yule themed-kids will learn about these traditions and on the Wed., kids could wear comfy sweaters to celebrate the longest night of the year.
      • 3rd week Christmas & Kwanza-kids will earn about these traditions and on the Wed., kids could wear red, green, blue, or yellow colours.
      • The goal is to celebrate the days of significance that take place during the themed weeks.
  • Winter Concert:
    • Would have been held in person in December. But not possible with COVID restrictions still in place. Instead, the amazing music teachers will teach each class a song and they will record it for them to all be compiled into a video that can be shown to everyone via YouTube.
  • Elf on the Shelf:
    • Passing on having Elf on the Shelf across the school. Don’t feel it’s very inclusive.
  • Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) – survey:
    • The UGDSB will be doing a survey over the next year or so, like a census. We’ll be given data specific to our school to see better understand the make-up of our school community.
  •  King George Public School collecting information:
    • Want to use a tool called “ThoughtExchange” where it groups similar comments.
    • Keep an eye out for a notice that will be sent to all families in our school community, asking their opinion on what the school is doing for their families and what they feel could be done more for their families.
  • School Improvement Plan:
    • Every school used to have to get a plan together for October but now it’s been moved to January which is much better. Since in October, it’s still so early in the year that it’s difficult to know what should be in your school plan to make improvements for kids.
    • Teachers use three main ways of finding out more about where their students are at. They look at Product (what kids produce), Observation (look at what they do) and Conversation (talk to them about how their doing).
    • Surprisingly, not as many kids as you might think are having trouble progressing but lots of kids are having trouble with stamina. They can’t focus as long as they did prior to online school and doing it at home with lots of distractions.
    • Also finding kids’ behaviour is a bit delayed, seeming more primary behaviour in older grades.
    • They are looking at Wellness for students and David Taylor, Vice Principal, is taking the lead.
    • David will do some research and dig into and learn what has been done or what has worked, to help students in this area. Will create a vision of Wellness, what it will look and sound like. Will look at behaviours and identify where it’s coming from and why, and what tools can be provided.
    • Wants to understand the big picture and then narrow it down.
  1. School Council Positions
  • Leslie Morrison and Christie Brown have volunteered to join the Parent Council as co-chairs and eventually Leslie Fisher (current Chair) will step away from the role.
  1. EDI Committee Update: Jen Woodside
  • Have approached Kevin to find out if it makes sense to continue and have a 3rd session that was started last year. The committee doesn’t feel it does and instead, will offer various resources that all parents can go to learn more about these equity and inclusion work.
  1. Winter Greenery Fundraising update:
  1. PIC (Parent Involvement Committee UGDSB)
  • Upcoming meeting Monday, November 29th at 7pm, virtual use this link:
  • Leslie has reached out to both Victory and Edward Johnson to see if they have similar goals that we could pool our money with. Haven’t heard back.
  • Thinking of using the money to fund an Occupational Therapist that could do modules online to support parent burnout. How can you support your kids if you feel burnt out yourself?
  • Or maybe use it for Social Media Guidance for Intermediate students? Seems like so many of them need help with self-regulation and understanding boundaries.
  • Kids don’t know how much they are being used by these Social Media companies and how they are being charged to use their own info.
  • We also have access to a Guidance Counsellor, Anna Armstrong (sp.?) working with Jacklyn Wise (sp.?), will also carry out their own health program for Intermediates.
  • Offering three Stress Busters After School Camps this year to students at UGDSB aged 8-12- see the attached flyer for details and the link to register. This is run after school by Strong Minds Strong Kids and is totally virtual. NOTE: There is an overwhelming interest in this program so they are asking people to still apply but they hopefully can add more sessions.
  1. School Council meeting dates Dec.
  • Determined no meeting to be held in December to help lighten up everyone’s schedule. Any updates can be sent out by email,
  1. Parking Lot
  • Ironwood Consulting and the University of Derby are recruiting survey participants among teachers, parents and employers who are interested in understanding the contexts and environments that help children in Grades 4, 5 and 6 thriveand be ready for what comes next in their lives. How can you participate in the research for this CERIC-supported project?
    • If you are a teacher, access the online survey here:
    • If you are a parent, access the survey here: please encourage your child to complete the student survey here:
    • If you are an employer, access the survey here:
    • Survey advertised through CERIC, a charitable organization “dedicated to the advancement of education and research in the field of career counselling and career development” ( that is funding the study. See attachment of CERIC’s weekly “careerwise” newsletter which explains this survey as well.
  • We can resume the school snack program but still can’t do Pizza Days or Milk, as per direction from UGSB.
  • No direction on how younger kids, ages 5 to 11, would be vaccinated. Heard in the media that it would be done at school, but Jane and David interpreted as they may use the school to hold the vaccinations during off hours. But no word on if or when this may happen.
  • Georges Park Neighbourhood was holding a Toy Exchange on Sat., Nov. 17. People are encouraged to put out toys their kids have outgrown and pick up some new to them toys.

Date reminders

  •  November 15, 2021 – last day for Winter Greenery orders to be placed.
  • November 16, 2021- Report Cards available online.

This was sent out November 5th from the board:

This is an important message from the Upper Grand District School Board regarding the online Elementary Progress Report. The UGDSB will continue to use the online report card system for the 2021-22 school year. If you previously accessed our Electronic Report Card system in June of 2021, no action is required at this time. If your email address has changed, please contact your school office coordinator.  If you are new to our school board, please follow the instructions below.

Please use your email address (that received this email message) to create your Parent Portal Account by following the instructions on our report card support webpage

We have also attached instructions explaining how to create your account: Parent portal instructions

  • November 22-26 Bullying Prevention Week
  • November 25th and 26th Parent Teacher Interviews
  • November 26th PD Day
  • November 29th PIC Meeting
  • December 2nd Winter Greenery pick up 3:00pm-7:00

SC 2021 11 09 Minutes

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