January School Council Minutes

Posted February 22, 2022


L’Ecole King George (KG) Public School Council

Supporting Education through Community, Communication and Innovation

Meeting Minutes – January 18, 2022

In Attendance: Jane Bibby (Principal), David Taylor (Vice-Principal), Kyra Quinn (Teacher Rep), Leslie Fisher (Past Chair), Lesley Morrison (Co-Chair), Christie Brown (Co-Chair), Erica Scime (Co-Secretary), Amie Melnychuk (Co-Secretary) Em Drewitt, Jen Woodside, Jennifer Duggan, Casey McMorrow, Maureen Oesch, Lisa Hood, Joyce Baker and Sara Sarkar.

  1. Introductions

  2. Approval of the November Meeting Minutes and January Agenda.

  3. Principal’s Update: Jane Bibby, Principal and VP, David Taylor
  • School environment:
    • Impressed with how kids seemed so happy to be back and it all went well.
    • As of today, Jan. 18, 2022, we had 51 students learning remotely which was more than usual, so the yard seemed a little quieter.
    • But kids that were there seemed positive and acted accordingly. They kept to their recess zones. The snow helped keep it exciting and the kids all seemed to adapt very well to the new routines. It was also very nice to see how respectful kids seemed to be to those who clearly felt uncomfortable at times. Kids were giving each other the space needed which was great to see.
    • Unfortunately, there’s no teams or clubs still.
    • All the rapid test kits went home, along with the board provided of 1 3-ply mask per student. Big shout out to Mr. Taylor and his family who took the time over the weekend to ensure the kits were done up and ready to distribute.
  • School Improvement Plan:
    • Looking at ways to include the areas of student wellness into teacher’s class plans. Academically, the focus remains to meet kids where they are at especially with Oral French. All students have really missed that.
    • The COVID stuff should start to settle down with all the things we have in place.
  • School Transportation – Busses:
    • We know that with continued staffing issues among bus drivers, that busses will continue to be late as they can’t replace the drivers they have. For example, today, we had a bus that was 75 minutes late. And any kids impacted like this due to busses are not marked late. We are all just trying to roll with the situation since it is what it is.
  1. School Council Positions
  • Leslie Fisher is getting a crash course for this year for the Treasurer role by Karen Arnold (Co-Treasurer) and Jennifer Donahue (Co-Treasurer). With the change in account management, don’t believe there’s a need any more for this role to have to come in and sign physical cheques or anything.
  • Hoping to get people in their current positions to give a description of their role and duties that could be shared with anyone interested in it.
  1. Winter Greenery Fundraising update: Joyce Baker
  • Thanks everyone for making this such a successful fundraiser for the school! The volume of items ordered increased by 28% from the last year it was held.
  • $4253.28 was raised for the school library equipment for the TV that can be viewed clearly regardless of the abundance of sunlight it gets. All leftover money will be used to purchase iPads for the library.
  • Some of the success attributed to: new supplier with better products, the fact there was no other fundraiser happening at the same time, people seemed more eager to participate vs. previous years and the current situation forced this fundraising initiative to go online only.
  • Next year’s fundraising goal for this initiative is $5,000.
  • Continued Fundraising projects, spring, and/or Winter 2022. Looking at Family Fun Night and doing an online Auction with a goal of $7,000. Want to focus on experiences instead of hard goods. But want to explore ways to ensure that it’s accessible to everyone. 
  1. Other initiatives – request for School Council to support Woodland Cultural Centre Virtual tours, would support the Heart Garden at the school
  • For schools, it’s $300 per tour of the actual museum. For Grades 6 and older, they would get to see the actual residential school and have access to more age-appropriate content.
  • The cost is $5700 for all classes.
  1. PIC (Parent Involvement Committee UGDSB) Funding
  1. EDI Committee Update: Sara Sarkar
  • Hadn’t met yet in the New Year.
  • Still bouncing ideas around but were thinking they’d like to ask King George families what they’d like to do.
  • Agreed that they won’t continue with the last Kevin Sutton seminar but instead suggest focus on what daily actions can be taken.
  • CSIC – development committee that’s in a good spot where he can make some good changes.
  • EPIC – working at the grassroots level. There are student groups as well. Really important for the Safe Equitable Inclusive School, so they know they’re working with the policies that have been created and how they work.
  1. Date reminders
  • January 27th – Tentative EDI evening event 6-7:30pm
  • January 28th PD day
  • February 10th (moved to Feb. 22) – School council meeting
  • February 21st – Family Day Holiday



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