February School Council Minutes

Posted February 24, 2022

King George School Council Agenda

Supporting Education through Community, Communication and Innovation

Tuesday, February 22, 2022



Lisa Hood, Erica Scime, Amie Melnychuk, Lesley Morrison, David Taylor, Jane Bibby, Emmanuelle Drewitt, Jen Woodside


  1. Approval of the January Meeting Minutes & February Agenda Lesley Morrison


  1. Principal’s Update Jane Bibby/David Taylor
  • Notification from Ministry of Health that school can now relax some restrictions
    • Verify screening for staff and students
    • Phys. Ed: allowed high and low contact activities indoors and outdoors (mask optional while playing, mandatory when not active)
    • Clubs: Allowed again
    • Band: Allowed again. Wind instruments are back inside.
    • Buses: Still have seating plans
    • Classrooms: no longer have to be in single direction
    • Recess: Zones are still required
    • Outside Play: allowed to remove masks outside in mixed classroom groups
    • Classrooms are allowed to rearrange and bring back in furniture and rugs
  • David Taylor is departing KG, Sarah Garrett is joining King George


  1. Spring Fundraising Plan Joyce Baker
  • Discuss plan and what it would look like going forward
  • An online silent auction
  • Uncertain to know if circumstances can change for an outdoor gathering
  • Questions around previous fundraisers and timelines
  • Volunteer requests
    • Amie, Erica, Lesley
  • Previous, in-person, silent auction raised 4,700$
  • Goal is 5 to 7,000$
  • Funding towards: 
    • Forest of Reading booksets, approx 4,000$ 
    • Scientist in the Classroom, 230$/virtual class, 300$/class in-person, 19 classes
  • Timeline:
    • Communications and Plan draft to School Council – March 4
    • Revisions to Joyce – March 8
    • Begin advertising and item collection – March 14
    • Donations due – June 3


  • Family Fun Night:
    • Tentatively set for Thursday, June 16th


  1. PIC (Parent Involvement Committee UGDSB) Lesley Morrison
  • Virtual event info – March 2nd 7:00 – 9:00pm
    • Supporting kids for education and career planning in grades 7 – 12 using “My blueprint”
    • Register at https://ugdsb.eventbuilder.com/PIC2022
  • Another event coming in May
  1. EDI committee update Jen Woodside
  • No update at this time

  • Grade 8 Graduation Committee
  • No updates

  • Parking Lot
  • Pink Shirt Day, Wednesday, February 23
    • Intermediate grades are presenting to junior grades
    • Focus will be on “The Right Thing to Do”

Dates to Remember

  • February 21st – Family Day Holiday
  • February 25th – Last day to order Subs and Milk (for March 23rd – June 17th period). 
  • March 2nd – PIC meeting
  • March 14th- 18th March Break
  • March 22nd – School council meeting


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