Tentative September School Organization

Posted June 19, 2022

SeptemberClick below to see our tentative school organization for September. As is the case every year, we could re-organize after the first week depending on our actual enrollement.

Grade Teacher
KA K. Riddle
KB J. McGee
KC R. Ayles-Jackson
1A M. Reynolds
1B H. Kring
2A C. Harrison
2B A. Miller
3A M. Cook
34B L. Kirkwood-Lazazzera
45A J. Sales
45C B. Chartier
5B To be hired
6A J. McLeod
6B S. Froese
6C S. Paquette
7A K. Clune
7B P. Larose
7C M. McCormick
8A K. Dubelaar
8B M. Vaillancourt
8C J. Turner
Primary Science &
The Arts
H. Vandersteen
K. Kristiansen
Junior Science &
The Arts
E. Petrenko
J. Bell
Intermediate Music E. Petrenko
Intermediate Phys. Ed. J. Wise
Teacher Librarian A. Cako
Resource Teachers J. Brownell
J. Wise
Vice Principal S. Garrett
Principal J. Bibby

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