School Organization 2019

Posted September 9, 2019

As indicated in the September newsletter, on our website, and as posted on the school doors, our school organization was tentative until student enrollment numbers were reviewed by the Upper Grand District School Board staffing committee.  

 The District Staffing Committee has now informed us that we will need to make some small changes to our school’s class organization.  Our new organization affects mostly Kindergarten classes in the school in addition to our grades 2-4 classes. This will not impact our Intermediate classrooms. 

We worked very hard to create class organizations that meet the learning and social needs of our students.  It is a very complicated task and we do our best to ensure that the changes create balanced, dynamic classes for our students. Our new classroom organization cannot be changed nor can your child’s placement.  Trust that we will do everything that we can to ensure a smooth transition for all of the students.

All the parents of the students involved have been contacted. Students start their new classroom  on September 10th. If you did not hear from us, your child will remain with the same teacher. 

 If your child is re-assigned to a new teacher, we ask for your help in making the transition as smooth as possible. Reassure your child that the change will be fine and that teachers are excited to receive new students. Emphasize the importance and benefits of being flexible, as this is the first step in helping children develop a sense of resiliency.



Farhan Hussain                           Jackie Irwin

Principal                                       Vice Principal

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