End of Year Newsletter 2020

Posted June 24, 2020

Newsletter 2020

It is common at this time of year to reflect on the school year, and look towards next year. The staff at Kortright would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of our amazing Kortright community! The connection between home and school is vital to student success, and we appreciate your support this year. Looking towards September, know that our school board is busy working on a plan for the new school year. Keep up to date by checking in on the board website over the summer.

Summer Supports for Students, including mental health supports, programs for students with Autism and transition supports.

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Public Health Updates:

WDG Public Health



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Staff Changes:

We wish Mrs. Cabeldu all the best on her transfer to Westwood Public School. We welcome back Mrs. DiIlio and Mrs. Jameson, returning to us from their leave.

We wish Mrs. Irwin all the best as the new Vice Principal at Glenbrook PS. We welcome Mrs. Lightfoot to our school as Vice Principal, from Island Lake Public School. We say goodbye to Mrs. Beddard, our Child and Youth Worker, and welcome Gaton Fairfield.

We thank the following Long Term Occasional Teachers that have been with us this year:

Mrs. Hug

Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Williams

Mme. Miklosy

Mrs. Conti

Staffing will continue over the summer months for September 2020. 


School Council - Fisher Park PS/Summit Alternative

School Council Message

School Council would like to thank everyone for all their support this year. 

Also School Council would like to thank the staff at Kortright Hills PS for all that they do for our children.

We will be in touch with our community, when we hear more about what September will look like. 

Sincerely,  School Council 


Commencement 2020 - Washington State Community College

Grade 8 Graduates 2020

Congratulations to all our Grade 8 Graduates. Our school community wishes you “All the best!” for your High School years and beyond.

Virtual Yearbook 2019-2020

On behalf of the Kortright Hills staff, we would like to wish you and your family a relaxing summer! We can’t wait to be back together again at KHPS, but until then we thought you might enjoy looking at some memories from our 2019 – 2020 school year.

Please note that you must be signed in to a UGCloud account to view the slides in the “Google Classroom”. Once you open the slides, you will have the option to “Add the Shortcut” to your Drive for easier access. Add button is in the top left corner (looks like a Drive symbol with a + sign).

Due to information collected via Freedom of Information forms, some students’ faces have been covered and names removed on the class photo pages. If your child(ren)’s face is covered and you would like the “smiley face” removed and/or name included, please contact Mrs. Morgan ([email protected]). Please include your child(ren)’s name and class in your email.

Thank you!

Report Cards

Report cards for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 7 have been mailed and should be arriving at your homes soon. When they arrive, be sure to celebrate your success and look to set some solid goals for the future. We are proud of the achievements of every student at KHPS this year and we look forward to witnessing even greater accomplishments in the future!

Shopping for School Supplies? - Pembina Hills School Division

Looking Ahead

Before you know it, we will be hearing back-to-school advertisements on radio and television and receiving shopping flyers filled with school supplies. The following information may be helpful for you to make decisions when that time comes. We provide all students with supplies such as pencils, erasers, paper and notebooks through our school budget and it is not necessary for parents to purchase these. Other supplies such as scissors, glue sticks, rulers, markers and crayons are in all classrooms to be shared among students. 

Some children prefer to have their own supplies to keep in their desks. If you choose to purchase items for your child, we recommend the following: 


Kindergarten Grades 1-3 Grades 4-6 Grades 7-8
Hand Sanitizer

2 Box of Kleenex

Glue Stick

Crayola markers (original colours)




Bounce Back Scissors


Hand Sanitizer

2 Box of Kleenex

Supply of pencils with erasers

Pencil Crayons (24’s)

Crayola markers (original colours)

Crayons (24’s)

Glue Sticks (2)

Scissors, Ruler & 


1 Duo Tang

Hand Sanitizer

2 Box of Kleenex

Supply of Pencils with erasers

Pencil crayons (24’s)

Crayola Markers – original

Pens (blue, red & black)

Glue Sticks

Scissors, Ruler & Erasers


Duo tangs 

(2 pkgs of 5 assorted colours)

Dividers (3 pkgs)


Lined and blank 3 ring paper

Black fine-tipped markers

French-English Dictionary 

(grades 5 & 6)


Hand Sanitizer

2 Box of Kleenex

Supply of Pencils with erasers

Pencil crayons (24’s)

Crayola Markers – original

Glue sticks (2)

Scissors, Ruler & 



Duotangs (2 pkgs 5 


Dividers ( 3 pkgs)

3 Binders – No zippered binders

Lined and blank 3-ring paper

Graph Paper

Scientific calculator & Regular calculator

Dictionary & 

French-English Dictionary

Sketch book


t-shirts can be purchased at the school

*PLEASE check with your child regularly & replenish these school supplies as needed.


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