Health and Physical Education Letter for Parents

Posted September 4, 2018

Dear parents and guardians,

We are writing to you to address some of the questions and concerns we have received regarding changes to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. As you may know, the Government of Ontario has directed all school boards across the province to use the re-issued 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum (Grades 1-8). Since all school boards are required to teach the curriculum that is approved by the government, we expect all educators at the UGDSB to follow this directive.  Secondary teachers will continue to teach the 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

We are confident that all our teachers will deliver the 2010 Health and Physical Education Curriculum in ways that align with Ministry directives, as well as with Human Rights legislation, Safe and Inclusive Schools legislation, board policies and values. We know that teachers will continue to create a learning environment for students that is safe, inclusive, equitable and focused on their success and well-being.

Recently, a letter from the Chair of the Board was posted on the  UGDSB website about our belief in the importance of topics such as online safety, gender identities, sexual orientation, and consent.  We will continue to support our students in these areas through the many policies, programs, initiatives and resources that focus on safety, well-being, equity and inclusion.

If you have questions or concerns about specific instructional approaches, you are encouraged to follow our usual process of speaking with your child’s classroom teacher.  If for some reason the issue cannot be resolved, then you may consult with the Principal and then the Superintendent and Director, as per  Board Policy 215 – Public Concerns.

The UGDSB remains committed to the health, safety and well-being of every student in our care. All students deserve to feel welcome, included, and safe in our classrooms. This stance is supported by the Safe and Accepting Schools legislation as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code.  As always, we remain committed to working with our students, parents and community members to ensure our schools meet the needs of all students.



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Martha C. Rogers,
Director of Education & Secretary-Treasurer

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