Chocolate Bar Selling Information

Posted November 15, 2019

Thank you for participating in our SCA Laura Secord Chocolate Bar fundraiser. The funds raised will go toward current SCA initiatives, including: playground improvements/new equipment, busing for field trips and sports, improving technology within the school, and other school activities/initiatives. If for some reason you are no longer interested in participating, simply return the UNOPENED box to the office. Below is some key information for this fundraiser:

  • Each chocolate bar needs to be sold for $5.00. Since there are 25 chocolate bars in the box, this means you will have $125 after all of the chocolate bars have been sold.
  • Chocolate bar money can be submitted via SchoolCash or it can be sent into the school. If you are sending money into the school, please: i) count to make sure there is $125, ii) make sure your child’s name is on the envelope, and iii) if the envelope is ripped, please tape it or put it in a Ziploc.
  • For each box of chocolate sold, $60.00 will be given back to the school.
  • This fundraiser will run from Friday, November 15th to Friday, December 6th.
  • After selling one box, you will have the option to take out another box. If for some reason your family would like to have two boxes out at a time, please send a note to Mr. Dickieson to request additional boxes.
  • Please caution your children only to sell to people they know. Focus your efforts on family, friends and co-workers. Do not allow children to sell door-to-door without an adult.
  • Returning partial boxes is discouraged; please make all efforts to sell the box that’s been sent home
  • There are going to be a few prize draws after December 9th. For each box sold, the number of tickets earned increases (1 box = 1 draw ticket; 2 boxes = 2 more draw tickets, 3 boxes = 3 more draw tickets, etc.).

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