Public Health Communication (March 2020)

Posted March 1, 2020


March is Nutrition Month and dietitians across Canada are talking about how healthy eating is about so much more than food! Cooking together as a family is a great way to help kids learn food skills, put math into action, develop confidence, and have fun.  Starting at age 2 kids can help in the kitchen with age appropriate tasks. As kids get older involve them in all stages of the process – planning, shopping, food preparation and clean up. Can you imagine a time when they can make you dinner? In the meantime extra help in the kitchen is always welcome and it is a great way to connect with your kids at the end of the school day. Make a plan to cook and eat together this month. Check out these Family Friendly Cookbooks developed by the Guelph Family Health Study. Bon appetite!


Visual health is an important part of overall health and wellbeing. The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends that children have their first eye exam at 6 months-old, again at 3 years old, yearly after that, or as recommended by an eye doctor. In Ontario, children and youth 0-19 are eligible for a FREE comprehensive eye exam every 12 months through OHIP.

Parents may be the first to identify a potential vision issue. If you notice your child showing any of these signs, book a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor.

  • Headaches or irritability
  • Avoiding near or distance work
  • Covering or rubbing the eyes
  • Tilting of the head or having unusual posture
  • Using a finger to maintain place while reading
  • Losing place while reading
  • Leaving words out or confusing words when reading
  • Not doing as well as they could in school

Information for Junior Kindergarten

If required, children in JK qualify for one pair of free glasses through the Eye See…Eye Learn® program. Children born in 2015 are eligible for the Eye See…Eye Learn® program until June 30, 2020. CLICK HERE for more information.

Information for Senior Kindergarten

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health offers free school-based vision screening for SK students. Vision screening does not replace the need for a full exam by an eye doctor on a yearly basis or whenever there is a concern. CLICK HERE for more information.

If you need help finding an eye doctor, you may search for one at or call our Let’s Talk Parenting line at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 3616 for help.

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