School Council Meeting Minutes (May 5th, 2020)

Posted September 26, 2020


Attendees: Heather Griffin, Ainslea Thompson, Shannon Frook, Lori Klopper, Sara Claussen, Kayla McGuire, Kerin Harwood, and Tim Dickieson

Principal’s Report:

Distance Learning Update:

  • Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we’ve been rolling out Distance Learning
  • We have been able to share approximately 30 technology devices from our school with families
  • A Maryborough Parent Resources Classroom has been created with videos on accessing and interacting with Google Classroom; including how to access the feedback your child is receiving
  • Kerin Hardwood has also created an optional Learning Commons classroom for students to explore activities they would typically see in the Learning Commons
  • Board websites created – technology help, supporting distance learning, special education, and mental health resources
  • Focus this week on Education & Mental Health – postings shared on individual Google Classrooms and on our school website/Twitter
  • Information will continue to be available on board/school website and through UGConnect; some messages through Classroom
  • The Board is developing a p;an for retrieving student personal items; see this Link for more information

Looking at the SCA Remaining Funds:

  • School Council Current Totals:
    • SC Fundraising: $19 288.11 
    • SC General: $9 501.37
    • SC Hot Lunches: $4 477.21
    • SC Open House: $0.00 (where we put the money for Parents Reaching Out)
    • SC Playground: $484.20
    • SC Playground Maintenance: $4 998.97
    • Total $38 749.86
  • School Council Reallocated Totals (Ainslea motioned to accept these new revised allocations; Heather seconded this motion):
    • SC Fundraising: $6 249.86 (balance at time of meeting; new balance $5 797.86 – see below)
    • SC General: $10 000.00
    • SC Hot Lunches: $2 500.00
    • SC Open House: $0.00
    • SC Playground: $15 000.00
    • SC Playground Maintenance: $5 000.00
    • Total $38 749.86
    • Connie has reallocated these funds within the SCA accounts (May 6th)
    • Playground was changed to SC Playground (May 6th)
  • A Note additional notes about funds remaining in SC Fundraising ($6 249.86): $1 000 allocated to Gr. 6 yearbook and Gr. 6 awards; $1 500 to purchase two iPads (ordered); $452 for laminator repair (deducted May 6) – new balance = $5 797.86
    • Heather made a motion to approve SCA funding the cost of yearbooks from SC Fundraising for the Grade 6 graduates; seconded by Shannon
    • Amended motion (May 7th); Ainslea made a motion to approve SCA funding $300 toward the cost of yearbooks from SC Fundraising for the Grade 6 Graduates; seconded by Heather
    • Shannon made a motion to approve SCA funding the cost of awards from SC Fundraising for the Grade 6 graduates; seconded by Lori
    • Ainslea made a motion to approve spending $452 on the laminator repair and $1 500 for two new iPads for the Learning Commons from SC Fundraising; seconded by Heather
    • In the fall, will revisit spending an additional $1 500 on two additional iPads for the Learning Commons

Yearbook & Graduation:

  • This year, we are not able to offer our yearbook in a paper copy for the entire school 
  • Will offer the Grade 6 graduates a hard copy of the yearbook (with their diploma and class composite); all other students will receive a digital copy of the yearbook (given out through Google Classroom)
    • Heather made a motion to approve SCA funding the cost of yearbooks for the Grade 6 graduates; seconded by Shannon
  • At this point in time, it is unknown if we’ll be able to get together in June for Grade 6 Graduation
    • We continue to explore opportunities for how to celebrate graduation; more information will be shared as it is available
    • Shannon made a motion to approve SCA funding the cost of awards for the Grade 6 graduates; seconded by Lori

Technology Update:

  • Technology is an area that continues to expand an evolve
  • Staff has looked closely at our technology needs and how we can start to refresh the technology in our building (i.e., 6-7 year old iPads that no longer update; Silver Chromebooks that are no longer being updated with security or Chrome OS application updates)
  • Our Board Tech Refresh was used to purchase 4 iPads and 4 Chromebooks
  • Additional funds will be spent from the school budget on technology:
    • Replacing 15 Silver Chromebooks with new Chromebooks
    • Adding 6 additional new Chromebooks
    • Purchasing a Tech Tub for Portable Two

New Business:

  • Discussed dates for the 2020-2021 Chicken Dinner; looking at May 6th or 20th next year
    • Kayla will contact to confirm the date
  • Tim will communicate the Open House date for Fall 2020; as SCA will host a BBQ that evening if we are able to (using the Parents Reaching Out funds)

Motion adjourned @ 7:40 pm

Meeting date for September to be confirmed.

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