School Council Meeting Minutes (January 21, 2021)

Posted February 19, 2021




The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Principal’s Report:

  • Remote Learning:
    • Close to 60 Chromebooks are currently being used at home to support online learning 
    • Higher student attendance now compared to the closure in the spring
    • Running more smoothly this time – Students have had time in class exploring this virtual classroom format; Increased knowledge; Increased comfort; Synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities; Teachers exploring different tools and activities
    • Our students are respectful and are using the tools appropriately
    • There are challenges – Timing of meets; Balance is difficult – for families/parents, for teachers, for students; Trying to meet minutes of synchronous learning/assigning work; Working from home and supporting students
    • Important to touch base with teachers to make a plan if experiencing difficulties
    • Also important to make a schedule that works for you and your family
    • Parents are worried about kids getting behind; right now, students are doing what is expected, and all students are in the same position
  • Report Cards:
    • Staff are currently working to prepare Term One reports; will come home February 19th
    • PD day this Friday (January 29th) for report card writing
    • Term One report includes information from September to the end of January 
  • Mathematics: 
    • With the new curriculum this year, the Ministry has changed Math reporting – all strands will still be taught; however, only one mark will be given.
    • Social-emotional learning skills will not be evaluated this year in term one
  • JK Registration:  
    • Important to register now – as this can impact our school staffing
    • Registration forms can still be sent after January 22nd; please submit ASAP 
    • Google Meets will be used to verify registration documentation
  • Communication from the School: 
    • UGConnect App – is the tool we are using the most for whole school communication
    • Phone calls or Emails from the school – occasionally being used; trying not to bombard 
    • Ministry Announcements – we find out at the same time as everyone else
    • Communication with teachers – tools differ; connect with your child’s teacher
  • Transitioning Back to In-Person Learning: 
    • Guidelines from the Ministry/Public Health could continue to be updated/adapted 
    • It is important that we are all reinforcing guidelines – masks, handwashing/respiratory hygiene, physical distancing
    • Parents need to be using the daily screening tool with each child, and keeping their child home if they are told to
    • Chromebooks can be returned on the first day of in-person learning

Treasurer’s Report:

  • SC Fundraising Current Balance – $3574.68
  • SC General – $9818.40 (new balance)
    • Cheque for $181.60 to Shannon Frook from December 17th for school craft supplies
  • SC Hot Lunches – $2500
  • SC Open House – $0
  • SC Playground – $15 000
  • SC Playground Maintenance – $5000


    • Not a priority – but principals can consider virtual options that work best for their school community (clear purpose; mindful that families have been impacted by the pandemic; Parents or Volunteers would not be allowed in the building to manage or organize; Physical money counting not allowed
    • Another option is to use the Upper Grand Learning Foundation; virtual + 100% of donation goes back to the school + tax receipt over $20
    • Decision was made to proceed with promoting the UG Learning Foundation; Shannon and Tim will create a letter to send to families electronically

Finance Discussion:

    • Tim shared information on updating the playground and had emailed SC a copy of the technology plan for MPS on the weekend before the meeting
    • After reviewing the financial report, there was a discussion to look at allocating funds toward this year’s students 
    • Decision was made to keep $10 000 in SC General for next year; to keep $2500 in SC Hot Lunches; to keep $5000 in SC Playground Maintenance; to keep $5000 in SC Playground
    • Decision was made to spend the amount remaining in SC Fundraising on expenses for this year (i.e., Grade 6 awards, Grade 6 yearbooks if this proceeds, etc.); $181.60 will need to be transferred into SC General
    • Decision was made to allocate $10 000 toward spending for this year from SC Playground
    • Decision was made for Tim to look into changing the names of the School Council Accounts (i.e., SC Playground to SC Projects) and adding one additional line (SC Classroom)

Allocation of the $10 000:

    • A discussion was held, but more information is required before determining final allocations
      • This information will be emailed out to SC members to make a final decision
    • Idea – allocating $1000 toward Classrooms ($100 for each homeroom teacher  + $100 for the Learning Commons)
      • Also discussed making this a yearly item (with funds coming from SC General in the future)
    • Idea – Look into the cost of a Gaga Ball Pit; Tim to talk to Drayton Heights who recently had a Gaga Ball Pit installed and to see if this would fall under the umbrella of a greening project
    • Idea – Look into the cost of adding an additional bunker (i.e., to store SC items like the BBQ); Tim to reach out to purchasing to explore the cost of this and the procedure to have it installed
    • Idea – Remaining funds to be allocated toward items listed on the school Technology Plan
    • Decision was made for Tim to purchase two Projectors (as this is an immediate need)

Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 @ 7pm

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