School Council

September Minutes

Parent Council Meeting

Sept 10th 2019


In attendance; Stacey Jennings, Lisa Booth, Crystal MacDonald,Tracey Kuchma, Jason Boyce, Amanda Foell, Debora Schaus, Lindsay Cowan, Naomi McCulloch, Jenelle Miller, Krista Rogers, Jennifer Dewar, Nicole Hymers, and Holly Armstrong.


Nominations and Elections for Council Roles for the school year 2019-2020;

President: Stacey Jennings – motioned by Nicole Hymers, Second by Krista Rogers

Vice President: MaryAnn Clark- Motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Nicole Hymers

Secretary: Nicole Hymers- motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Lindsay Cowan

Fundraiser: Lindsay Cowan- motioned by Nicole Hymers, Second by Krista Rogers

Community Involvement: Dorothy Pike; motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Nicole Hymers * will confirm with Dorothy as she was unable to attend the meeting*

New faces at parent council this evening – great to see!! Welcome to Minto Clifford’s new VP, Jason Boyce.

Crystal will be taking over the Breakfast Program this year.

Financial Report- bank balance is standing at approx $21 029.70, with 2 chqs to clear and a maintenance bill for the junior play equipment to be paid of $1344.70. ( this repair was complete and passed inspection through the summer – this was a mandatory repair or the playground would be closed)

Spring Fling was another successful night raising profits approx.$2585.14.  Talked about some changes for the upcoming year’s event; some new games, adding a second bbq, different date? All of this will be brainstormed and brought out at our spring planning meeting.

Fall Fundraiser will be the Meat Packers/Elmira Poultry.  All profits raised by grade 6-8 students will be put towards their year end school trip ( trips over $100) Other parents can also designate their child’s proceeds to go to any student in grade 6-8.  We will also talk to teachers if there is any student that need any help with the cost of year end trips. Forms will be sent out Oct  8th, due back on Nov 5th, with a delivery on Nov 28th. * Counting day is set for Nov 6th*

2019/2020 budget designations;

gaga ball for intermediate

toy bins – refresh supplies as the season changes

ask staff for alternate ideas – Naomi was approached that the intermediates would like an instructional microscope that can be plugged into the smart board so everyone can see whats under the scope.  Mr.Novikow will research this and get back to us with different prices.

Wish List – teachers will be emailed with a dead  of end of October to hand in their wish list for any items they would personally want for their classroom. We will approx give $100 depending on need.

Milk Cards – each classroom will be given a milk card paid by Parent Council to use as they see fit for students who may need a little extra at lunch time.

Crystal has a $750.00 donation that she would like to see used for a checker board painted on the hard top, or a outdoor musical instrument.  ( Krista will look into some quotes, as well as any plans will have to be approved by the board.

Ashley Ferguson has asked if parent council could help with the birthday books that each student gets in their bday month.  Approx $2/kid.  Debora motions for $1000.00, Second by Lisa.

Our school track is in need of repairs.  Norwell HighSchool just re did their track so we will contact them and work on some quotes to repair in the spring.

Mentioned that inspirational art work around the school/on bathroom stall doors would be nice- brain storming will be done on this and researched to see what is available.

Healthy Schools and Mental Health is putting on an information night Sept 24th ( School Open House) They have the Minto Health team as well as some health professionals coming to help families be aware of the services that are available.  The Healthy Schools committee has asked for a monetary donation to help with refreshments for the night – Krista motioned $100, second by Lindsay.


Hot Dog day;

Crystal did a trial run for 4 weeks last year and approx $600 profits were raised.  Lindsay motioned to continue, second by Krista. Crystal will be continuing Hot Dog day every monday for the school year – separate forms will go out with the pizza and subs order forms ( money will be kept separate) She would like to have an extra burner but this would have to be approved by the board- Tracey will look into this.  Crystal would also like a third cart, but we do not have the room to store a third cart.  There is some repairs to be done to the one we have – we will look into fixing the existing cart or replacing it.

Principle Notes;

There are some changes within our school;

Mr.Burnett has accepted a position in Drayton to be closer to his family.  Angela Novikow has taken his 7/8 position.  Andrew Rogers will be a .6 planning teacher.  Jason Boyce is taking on the new VP role.  Charlene Martin is the new music teacher.  Brad Hope is covering Stephanie Richardson’s mat leave until december.  Becky Chalmers is a new EA, with potential for a 9th EA coming into our school ( board will decide)  We also have gained a 4 th kindergarten class again after school has started, teacher unknown at this point.  There will numerous shuffles within the classes by the end of this week, as well as some classrooms moving to make everyone in the best location possible.

We are looking for another yard supervisor – this is a paid position.

Phones- if phones are at school, they are to be in the lock box.  If they are kept in a school bag and are broken or stolen, it is NOT the school’s responsibility.

Wheelchair Basketball will be coming to our school for a week in September.  Patrick Anderson went to school in Fergus, and was injured in an accident, and has developed a new program for wheelchair basketball.  Board will send 16 chairs sept 25-OCt 2 for all classes to try.

School Report;

Soccer has begun, with Cross Country starting soon.  Fall fair displays will be going up next week. Book fair will be on during the week of the School Open House.  Terry Fox Sept 26.

We to Me in Sept 19th – 12 individuals will be going to Toronto with Naomi McCulloch.

Art Club will be starting up in October with Mrs.CLark, as well as Debate club.

Fit Club will be a new club this year – practising circuit rotation workout.

Country Western Day

Halloween – again the question of costumes has come up.  Tracey has done some research and we will continue with the orange and black day – no costumes.

Need to visit how we do the first day of School routine to find classes – try to eliminate the confusion and anxiety for students and teachers.  This is something that we can all think about over the next couple months and come back to our next meeting with ideas to make it run more smoothly.

A request from Tracey is that NO parents stay and wait in the school lobby.  This causes confusion as there still are classes moving through the hallways etc.

Next meeting will be held on Nov 5th 2019 at 5:30 pm

Parent Council Meeting

November 5 2019 5:30-7pm

In attendance Stacey Jennings, Debora Schaus, Nicole Hymers, Krystal Williamson, MaryAnn Clark, Crystal McDonald, Jenelle Miller, Tracy Kuchma, Kerry Schutel, Naomi McCulloch, Jason Boyce, Tammy White, Dorothy Pike, Jenn Dewar, Holly Armstrong.

Reviewed minutes from last meeting; Deb motioned to accept minutes and Crystal second

Financial Report; main account $18, 585.00 with a couple debits coming out; $1000.00 for Birthday books, and $100.00 for the Mental Health Night donation.

Misc acct is at -$151.20 which was the payment for the school council insurance. Michelle will move money over to cover this payment.

Review events;

Meat Orders are due today with the counting day being Nov 7th 2019. Delivery date will be Nov 28th 2019, volunteers and carts always needed. Breakfast at Gramma Joes beforehand for anyone who would like to join in, with organizing of the gym starting at 11 am. Tracy will send out a reminder phone call to families that pick up in from 3:30-5 pm

*Note for next time; make sure all teachers get the large envelopes to put the orders and money in for easier delivery to Michelle in the office*

Krista Rogers has looked into the equipment for outdoor checkers. Online they are $298 -384.00 She has sent an email for an inquiry but has not received a reply yet. Will also check on amazon.

Julia Grice has asked if she could yarn bomb a bulletin board with a positive message in the school. We will talk to her about some ideas, but parent council is in agreement with the idea. Also, could explore looking at adding something for the Spring Fling; maybe a yarn bomb on the entrance fence.

Stacey received an email from PIC survey. One parent council member per school completes the survey; Dorothy motioned that Stacey complete the survey, Nicole second.

Principal Report;

Progress reports are due from teachers Friday, and going home Nov 20 2019. Parent/Teacher interview is Nov28/29. Online sign up will be activated once the reports go home.

Gr 4-8 will be heading downtown Harriston on Monday for the Remembrance Day Service. Gr JK -3 will have their own service in the school gym.

Nov 18 is Photo Re take day.


Dec 12 is the Christmas Concert. (snow date is Dec 13) Need to think of how we can help keep the audience there through the whole concert, as to having parents leave when their child is done. Some ideas were having two shows where parents would know what one their child is in, reserve a section for those that need to leave (get back to work) have a night show (ran into many years where it stormed)

Brad Hope has left his LTO in the Gr 2/3 class, Aisha Masaoka will be continuing the LTO until Mrs. Richardson returns Dec 9th 2019

We have received our 10th EA, McKenzie Head

Why Survey; Gr 4-8 will complete an on line survey which is questions about mental health. Letters will be sent home where parents can opt out having their child complete the survey by Nov 8 2019. Parents can also complete the online survey at home.

Gaga Ball; we have two out of three quotes, waiting on the third quote. The first company will hold this year’s price for us for next year install.

There has been some movement in the staff room to help with the Breakfast program and staff having their own area.

PA day Nov 1 was spent working on School improvement. Getting teachers involved in working towards getting the ideas from the paper to reality. What being a leader means to them and our school?

Front door; there is some congestion at the front door that makes it hard at the start of the day to see what’s happening. We are asking that parents drop their kids off using the gate at the side of the yard.

WHY ARE SO MANY KIDS LATE??? Our school seems to have a large number of students coming into school late on a regular basis. Maybe a positive message reminding family on the importance of being on time, respecting everyone’s time, and for the safety of our students. Our ‘kiss and go’ area in the parking lot is very limited for room, best scenario is parents park in the parking lot and say goodbye at the gate. This will also help eliminate phone calls home looking for absent students when they are just arriving late.

School Report;

Students enjoyed the orange and black day.

Cross Country was a small team this year that travelled to Mount Forest, but they all were well behaved and represented our school proudly. Great team spirit!

Mrs. Clark’s Art Club on Monday is a huge hit!

Library MacMillan fundraiser is tallied and will be ready for pick up on Nov 7 2019

Hot dog day is successful, and Milk is going well. Classroom Milk cards will be very appreciated to help those students that maybe need a little extra at lunch.

Gr 3 completed C Cat test in October

Birthday books are in and will start going home.

Spirit days coming up; Mustache Day Nov 15 2019 and Disney Day Nov 28 2019. * Disney day doesn’t necessarily mean a character dress up; could be a hat, t shirt etc.*

Classroom Math Manipulatives are a great hands on learning experience that teachers are embracing.

Bully Prevention week is Nov 18. The focus will be on character building, how to be a good friend, and being mindful of ourselves.

Teacher Wish List; Naomi has gathered together the wish list from the teachers for this year.

EA’s (all together) would like to add some supplies to the Hub. Building magnets $80, therapy Balls $35 each, and a mini trampoline with handle $225-250

Amanda Clark – instead of for her classroom, she would like to ask for financial assistance for the After-School Art Club Program. Approx. 30 students come each Monday, and for the year she would like to ask for $400.00 to cover the cost of art supplies such as clay, Shrinky dink paper, paint, bushes, etc.

Charlene Martin, Music- would like tuners for the ukuleles. They are $20 each

Mr. Novikow (on behalf of the intermediate division) would like a learning microscope. These would allow all students to see what is under the microscope, has a camera, SD card, 1000x magnification, and works with the smart board. $2200.00

Jess Muelensteen – (on behalf on the primary division) would like to purchase new books for the book carts. The books they use now have been there for a long time and some are even missing pages. We need to focus on levels A-G for the students coming out of kindergarten. We can look at buying the books in stages (groups) starting at $150.00. Jess has looked at a new company to infuse with the books we already have.

Mr. and Mrs. Novikow would like to work on building community within the intermediates, using training wheels/ice breaker games. These come in the form of balls with different questions on them reflecting on the day.

Jr Division (McLaughlin, McTiernan, Garrard, McCulloch, Rivest) would like to ask as a group to have the funds to cover presentations for the grade 5 and 6’s. Gr 5’s had a presentation on government and Gr 6’s will be presented with one on Indigenous people. They would also like to add another scientist in the classroom day. These days are very popular with the students. Presentations are approx. $100 each

Mrs. Waechter and Mrs. Lytle would like 3 stem kits that engage the students in engineering and problem solving. They are $34-45 each.

Mrs. Domm and Mrs. Hibberd would like to purchase Lincoln logs for their kindergarten class. Price will be sent in by email.

Mrs. Burgess would like a $100 gift card to Dollarama for seasonal items in her classroom. Items for crafts and math lessons. She will keep the receipts to show what the gift card was spent on.

Jenn Dewar would like to purchase a couple portable lap desk for her class. They are $33 each

Resource – Tammy White

They are working on an inter division program where older student (gr.6,7,8) can help younger kids who maybe need a little bit more attention, or a friend during a hard time.

$200.00 would allow them to purchase 10 games from amazon.

Healthy Schools would like to purchase some equipment for the gr 4-8 fitness club. Dumb bell weights, kettle bells, chin up bars, slam balls etc. A kit from amazon cost $320.07 + tx

The Learning Buddies (Reading Buddies) would like to share in 3 different meals through out the year. It would cover approx. 470 kids and be in the months of Jan. Feb. and Mar. Meal cost has not been estimated yet but they are thinking $100 would cover each meal- will know better once they price out the food cost. Possibly the Jr. development class could help in the cooking.

Ashley Fergusson; Library; would like to add to the Maker Space. Cardboard construction Make Dos are $159.00 and Train tracks are $200.00

You’re the Chef Program would be a program that focuses on over 100 students. It would be a 6 wk program with 24 meals. Cost would be approx. $1000.00. More details to come before a decision can be made.

Carol Anne has left MCPS and is acting as VP in Orangeville. We welcome Sean Krawl that will take over Tammy White position, as Tammy will rotate into Carol Anne’s position.

Tammy will be taking over the Pita/Pizza orders- they will resume as normal.

Coats, hats, and mitt donations have been coming in. Kerry has offered to come in and organize it into sizes, so we can see where we may need different sizes. We strongly encourage student and families to come prepared for the colder weather.

We discussed last meeting about having positive messages painted on the bathroom stalls- we have thought more about this and have thought that we will pass on doing this. This may lead to students thinking they too can paint/decorate the stall doors.

The school has seen a very high volume of pneumonia throughout various ages. Public health was called and asked if we could do anything else to help decrease the spreading. They said to make sure to wash down door knobs, handles, light switches, etc more often. There is soap/sink in each classroom so encouraging the students to wash their hands more often. Again, remind parents that if their child is sick, to keep them home to decrease the chances of spreading germs.


It has been brought to Tracy’s attention during this meeting that some girls are vaping in the bathroom during lunch. Tracy will keep a close eye on this, and hopefully bring it to an end quickly.

Next meeting will be Jan 7 @ 5:30pm

Meeting adjourned



Minto Clifford Public School

School Council Minutes

January 7, 2020


Present: Lisa Booth, Stacey Jennings, Debora Schaus, Jason Boyce, Tracy Kuchma, Krista Rogers, Holly Armstrong & Lindsay Cowan


Reviewed minutes from last meeting; Debora motioned to accept, Krista second.


Additions to the agenda;

  • Krista followed up regarding the Checker Board for the playground. The cost of one checkerboard is approximately $700. (Including paint & checkers)
  • Jason has received a 3rd quote for the gaga-ball pit, this quote appears to be best, as it is a Canadian company and the same company as our other playground equipment. The total will be $7910.00 (including the pit, door and installation). Jason will gather more information and get a package together to review.
  • Stacey has requested a quote from Eshy Contracting for the repairs needed to the Track. We will require two more quotes before any decisions are made and work can be done. We are hopeful   this work can be completed before 2020 Spring Track & Field.
  • Crystal proposed an additional fundraiser for the Food & Friends program, Spaghetti Dinner. This would need to be a School Council sanctioned event for insurance purposes. The use of the school would be free, but date and time dependent. We have tabled the proposal and have requested more information (date, time, logistics and what commitment would be needed from SC members) in order to decide.
  • Crystal foresees the Hot Dog Program’s profit to be $8000 by the end of the school year. On the next order forms (March 2020) Crystal will add more information regarding specific items that will be purchased with the funds. We have decided those items will be Teacher wish list items, sports equipment and track improvements.


Financial Report; The current statement was unavailable for the meeting. Deposit from the Fall 2019 Meat Orders was $52,686.00. We will be provided with the updated statement including any withdrawals, from the office.


Teacher Wish list items that were approved;

  • $100 for music (Mrs. Martin)
  • $2,200 for purchase of microscope for Justin Novikow
  • $100 for community building items for Mrs. Novikow
  • $500 for 4/5 and 5/6 classes (combined) for government presentation and additional scientist in the classroom
  • $100 for Mrs. Waechter and Mrs. Lytle for 3 STEM kits (each)
  • $100 for Mrs. Domm and Mrs. Hibberd (combined) for Lincoln Logs
  • $100 for Mrs. Burgess for seasonal items (please see us)
  • $200 for resource to purchase games for mentorship program
  • $100 for Healthy Schools to purchase items for fitness club (please see us)
  • $300 for Healthy Schools to have 3 school meals with Learning Buddies
  • $159 for Maker Space to purchase Make Dos
  • $112.97 for Josh Ellis for Hockey Tables


The approximate total of Teacher Wish list’s BEFORE TAX is $4,152.00


Additional Wish list Discussion;

  • Amanda Clark is on temporary leave, which has tabled the $400.00 request for the Art Club, which is not running in her absence
  • EA’s request for supplies was donated and no longer needed
  • Jess Muelensteen’s request for more books was already completed but has been tabled if she requires more
  • You’re the Chef Program was not approved as it will only benefit 100 students and costs $1000.00
  • Jenn Dewar’s request for portable lap desks was not approved as she no longer is no longer the class room teacher and will not need them


Principal Report;

  • Teacher Changes- Carol Anne Sloan has now become a permanent VP, in her absence Shawn Crawl was temp Resource, Sepcial Ed and now Tammy White has accepted the position of Fulltime Resource & Special Ed. Jenn Dewar has taken the position of Resource & Planning. The grade 2/3 fulltime position has been accepted by Becky Prescott. Steph Richardson has returned to her permanent grade 2/3 position. Amanda Clark’s position has been posted and closes on Friday, January 10.
  • Vaping in the girls washroom-There has been an increase of visibility in the hallway and washrooms in the intermediate part of the school. Nothing has been witnessed. The students are encouraged to stay out of the hallway for work time in hopes to decrease and inappropriate behaviour.
  • Union Update- The school is currently running as normal. We are in Stage 2 –nothing has impacted our school as of yet. Changes may come but the staff and teachers priority is to diligently support the students learning and safety. There is no information at this time regarding how a strike could affect yearend trips. Tracy & Jason will keep us informed of any major changes from the Union that could affect classes, students, fundraising, handling of money etc.
  • The climate of the school is good and great things have been happening, music in the school, volleyball and Christmas Concert last month.


Next meeting is set for March 3rd at 5:30

Parent Council Meeting

March 3 2020

In attendance is Lisa Booth, Debora Schaus, Stacey Jennings, Dorothy Pike, Tracey Kuchma, Jason Boyce, MaryAnn Bowman, Lindsay Cowan, Nicole Hymers, Holly Armstrong, and Crystal MacDonald

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and motioned to accept by Lisa, second by Debora.

Financial Report; from Lindsay Cowan. Our bank account balance is $26,836.03. The teachers have not yet purchased their wish list items due to the strike.

Fundraising; We will go ahead with the meat orders in the spring as part of our annual fundraising. These funds again will go towards the upkeep of the outdoor activities, repairs of track etc. With the strike in place, we can still go ahead with the fundraiser as long as parent council takes full responsibility and control of it. We will be handing out the forms, collecting forms, and counting money etc.

Forms will be sent out ASAP

Collect date: April 14/15

Count Date; April 16

Delivery Date: May 14

Spring Fling will be held on June 4 2020. We will have a full meeting on this in May. For now, Stacey will book the clown, Lindsay will ask the Firemen to bring a truck, MaryAnn will ask the Kinsmen about the BBQ, Deb will ask Minto Dance if they want to do a demo, Nicole will take care of finding approx. 10 tables.

Crystal has put in her resignation as of Friday for the Breakfast program. We hope to find a replacement quickly, Tracey and Jason will step in until then. We will post for the position on the sign out front, online, and phone call system.

Crystal has a donation to be made towards the School Learning Foundation; she would like the money to go towards a checker/chest set with a board painted on the hard top. This will go through Tracey, not parent council. Motioned by Dorothy, second by Lisa.

Crystal would like to host a spaghetti supper fundraiser. It was going to be for the Breakfast program, but it may go towards parent council. This will be determined shortly. This cannot be held as a school event, so parent council will have to take responsibility, and use our insurance for the event. Before we go any further on details, dates, or donations, insurance will be looked into and made sure it is ok. There will be rules that we will have to follow to run this fundraiser, and once they are all reviewed, a final decision will be made to go ahead with it or not. MaryAnn motioned, second by Lisa.

Breakfast program account has approx. $21,000.00 – it needs to have approx. $15,000.00 to carry over for next year. If need be, the parent council could help fund the breakfast program.

Principal report:

We have received approval on the gaga ball installation. Price is $7458.00 and will be installed Spring 2020. Maintenance cost will be up to parent council. It will go on the intermediate yard before the track starts. It is through the same company as the one who maintains the outdoor equipment.

We will try encouraging communication with parents to go paperless. This will be done by using the App/ website/phone system.

Family literacy day was a success

Grade 6 Dare day involved local police talking about drug safety.

We were thrilled that speeches were able to happen in the library (under a small, no student audience) with the Legion members hosting. It was a great showing of talented speeches from grade 4-8

Dental screening for grades JK, SK,2,4, and 7 will happen in April.

ETFO has asked teachers to picket 20 mins a day – either in the am before school, or in the pm after school. Overall morale from students is ok, Tracey and Jason are trying to keep morale up with the teachers showing them their support.

Round Table;

Nicole has asked parent council if they would sponsor the Grade 8 Grad night. Lindsay motioned for $100.00 to be donated, second by MaryAnn

We are still having issues with the Church parking lot at the end of the day. It does not get plowed out on a reg basis and is a hazard for students. Tracey is working with the church to see what we can do about it, and how we could possibly work together. The school does own a piece of land along side the church- we could try to have the land moved over to the side (Greins side yard) This would allow a pathway away from the parking lot.

Our next meeting will be May 5 @5;30


May 5th was postponed due to school closure.


June 11, 2020

MCPS Parent Council Meeting via Google Meet ( COVID 19)


Attending via google meet were Stacey Jennings, Crystal MacDonald, Lindsay Cowan, Tracey Kuchma, Jason Boyce, Krista Rogers, Holly Armstrong, MaryAnn Bowman, Debra Schaus, and Nicole Hymers

March meeting minutes were reviewed and motioned to be accepted by Stacey, 2nd Lindsay.

Question that has come up a lot in the past couple months; Is the grade 7/8 meat fundraiser money (that we did to raise money for the grade 7/8 Ottawa trip) able to pass down to a sibling for the next school year. As a group we have agreed to allow those who have money fundraised for the trip that was cancelled this school year, to be carried down to a sibling for their trip next year. IF it happens, that there are no trips next year, we can look at the following year, but this future decision will be made again at a council meeting at that time. Any money that is not carried down to a sibling, will be put towards student trips that could otherwise not afford to go. Motioned by Lindsay, 2nd by Nicole- all in favour.

Gaga ball pit construction has started and will be completed the second week of June. YAY!

Painter for checker/chess board will be coming in June also to complete that project. It will go by the portables. Crystal has checker pieces, and Tracey will look into the chess pieces.

We have some staff movement for the next school year; there are three teachers leaving MCPS. Mrs. Sinclair, Mrs. Prescott, and Madame Draves. We will be welcoming Nicole West to a 2/3 class, Mrs. Dafoe to our 4th JK/SK class, and Mr. Ellis will remain as the sole teacher for the DD class.

Gr 1 Mrs. Waechter

Gr ½ Mrs. Meulensteen

Gr 2 Mrs. Lytle

Gr 2/3 Ms. West

Gr 3 Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Williams

Gr ¾ Ms. Newman

Gr 4 Mrs. McTernian

Gr 5 Mrs. McCulloch

Gr 6 Mrs. Rivest and Mrs. McLaughlin

Gr 7/8 Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Novikow, and Mr. Novikow

Distance learning goes to June 26, 2020. Some students have been doing this by paper. The board has given out over 4000 chrome books. They have made the decision that if students would like to keep them until we return to school, they can. Otherwise, there will be a date at the end of June for a drop off.

Report cards will be mailed out June 25 2020

Gr SK and Gr 8 will be picked up at the school. Grade 8 will also have a chance to pick up their diplomas.

Gr 8 awards have been chosen and will be announced on Monday June 22 2020. The keeper plaques will be ready for pick up along with their report cards and diplomas.

We have an abundance of lost and found. Jason has an idea that worked well in his previous school. Every week they will take a picture and post it on the UG CONNECT and parents then will be able to see and remind their children to bring items home. Stacey mentioned that anything not claimed and donated to take to Blessings in Palmerston, as they are a great community supporter.

Breakfast program will be looked at when we know more of what it will look like with the new regulations. Tracey has had someone interested in the position, but we will hold off until we know more.

Food and Friends program is connecting families who need food baskets, especially during this difficult time of pandemic.

We also spoke briefly about the various programs that are available for every age group for help with mental health. Tracey and Jason can also forward names to programs in an effort to reach more people who are in need of support.

Our next meeting will be help on September 22 @ 5pm. We will be taking a look at guidelines and protocols for parent council.