School Council

Minto Clifford Public School Parent Council Minutes

Tuesday Feb 5th 2019

Meeting started at 5:30 pm with Mary Ann Bowman, Lindsay Cowan, Stacey Jennings, Tracy Kuchma, Kelley Jones, Lisa Booth, Nicole Hymers,  Carol Ann Sloan, Kerri Schuttel and Mr. Ellis.

Lindsay motioned to accept minutes from last meeting, Nicole 2nd.

Mr. Ellis came to inform us that our school has been accepted to the Adapt a School Program by the Guelph Storm.  This gives the students and families of Minto Clifford an opportunity to enjoy 4 tickets to 34 home games, ( would be raffled off) 4 Storm players would come visit the school and read to the younger kids, do a tech program with the older kids, and sign autographs.  Our students would also have the opportunity to go to one Storm game and sing the National Anthem, where all participants singing would receive a free ticket. The cost of the program is $1000.00 but with every additional ticket the School buys, Guelph Storm will give back $4/ticket.  This year alone as a trial we will be getting approx. $320 back from ticket sales. (Minto sings on March 10 2019) There seems to be a huge interest in going to the games, and Mr. Ellis is asking the Parent Council to help fund the $1000.00 for next year.  He will also be going to some local businesses asking for their support.  The parent council agrees that this is a great way for family time and would help fund the cost.  Mr. Ellis is going to ask the local businesses first, then let the council know how much he needs to meet his goal. Motioned by Nicole, Lindsay 2nd.

Kerri brought to our attention some concerns with the pathway behind the school.  As the developers have changed hands, the original plan for the pathway to stay has now been changed.  She brought a map of the purposed plan and we discussed potential issues and concerns. Tracy has also received phone calls from concerned parents on this matter.  She has contacted the School Board and the Board Planners are looking into the matter and have already sent a 4 page letter to the Town of Minto in regards to the safety of the kids.  They will be working together to try and come up with a solution that is safe and works for everyone.  There are also some concerns of the front pathway because it goes to the Church parking lot, which is not maintained. Over the last couple weeks with the weather there has been some students falling on ice etc.   The board has contacted the church to see if they would maintain the parking lot if the Board covered he cost, or if we should look at an alternative way to and from the school.   We will stay tuned for more information as the matter unfolds, and will keep our ears open for the public meeting about this matter.

Lindsay gave us the financial statement; total sales $48 977.00 from the fall meat orders. (Packers       $23 891.00 and Elmira $17 594.00) Total Profit for the school is $ 3512.00 and total kids fundraising profits $3980.00. We are extremely pleased with the participation of the student’s grades 6-8 fundraising for their yearend trips.  Mrs. Jones will keep the form that has what each student will receive towards their trip.

5 teacher purchases have been re reimbursed and we also received a very nice thank you note from Mrs.Domm and Mrs. Hibberd’s class.

We will have the spring meat Order again this year to fundraise for some outdoor activities enhancements.  A date will be picked and an email with info will be forwarded out, and volunteers will be asked to come and help sort once we have a delivery date. Motioned by Lindsay and Mary Ann 2nd

Breakfast Program Live Free has asked out school to host on Feb 27th.  The program involves breakfast cooked for the students and their families.  Prep will start at 7am, and it will be served buffet style as the kids arrive at school. There also will be an impact speech to talk about the impact of having a breakfast program at our school.  Businesses will be asked if they would also like to help out at the event, as well as parents and teachers.  The Live Free program runs the program and will take care of most of the arrangements.  Stacey has also informed us that this will be her last year running our school’s breakfast program. We will look into a replacement for Stacey so they can be trained. Best case would be to have many volunteers so there could be a rotation of duties.

Pro grant is back on! We will be hosting our Guest speaker Paul Davis and will be having Palmerston Public School join us.  He will speak to the junior students first, then with the intermediate students, with a parent night presentation on April 25 2019, on the dangers of Social Media.

Norwell District High School is hosting Orlando Bowen on April 19/2019.  He will be speaking about getting people to give back, and sharing his own experience. Tracy will send out more details once she gets them.

Healthy school committee has been in touch with Merna Hutchison to help bring awareness for In Touch With Hutch.  Hoping to host a parent night during the week of mental health week – May 6 – 12

Drayton theatre has sent an email to give us first chance for the Spring Plays.  There is Annie playing in Drayton in June, or Sleeping Beauty in December at St. Jacobs.  Council voted to go for Annie, motioned to accept by Mary Ann, Lisa 2nd.

School had been contacted by a parent who would like to donate winter outdoor clothing.  The best way to go about this is to drop it off and the teachers will give it to a student who is in need of it, or to call Tracy if there is someone in particular they want it to go to.  The school also needs mitts, as many students who do not come to school with thiers.

For the Principal Report, Tracy has received a call from a parent asking if her child’s milk card could be paid for by the parent council.  Upon discussion, Parent Council has decided to pay for a milk card for each class room and the teacher could use it at their discretion to who needs it.  We will start with one card per class as a trial and see how it goes. 21 classes at $15.00 =$315.00  Motioned by Lindsay, Stacey 2nd.

We have been asked by Crime Stoppers if we would like them to come and talk about the dangers about Social Media.  As a group we have decided not to have Crime Stoppers come to the school because we already have Paul Davis booked to speak about the same topic.

The school year is moving along well.  We are having more technology available to the classrooms, the TV’s are mounted.  Staffing process starts now, and hoping to have the full staff known in June.  Teachers are working on community building.  Our EA Jasmine has left on Mat leave, and will be covered by Hannah.  The new phone system to contact parents is going well and saving time especially on snow days.  Tracy encourages everyone to download the UGDSB app to receive alerts.

Our next meeting will be May 7th at 5:15 pm.  Motioned by Lindsay to adjourn meeting, Lisa 2nd

School Parent Council Meeting, Sept 25th 2018, at 5pm

Attending; Stacey Jennings, Lindsay Cowan, Mary Ann Bowman, Nicole Hymers, Krista Rogers, Tracey Kuchma, Mark Turner, Debora Schaus, Dorothy Pike, Lisa Booth, and Carol-Anne Sloan.

Minutes from last meeting read, Krista motioned to accept as read, Lindsay 2nd.

First Meeting welcome by President Stacey Jennings, and roles for the new year were nominated and selected.

President: Stacey Jennings; Nicole motioned to accept, Mary Ann 2nd

Vice President: Mary Ann Bowman; Stacey motioned to accept, Krista 2nd

Secretary: Nicole Hymers; Mary Ann motioned to accept, Dorothy 2nd.

Treasurer/Fundraiser: Lindsay Cowan; Nicole motioned to accept, Mary Ann 2nd.

Financial Report- Lindsay had the financial binder from Michelle with the fundraising account balance of $12 356.13 and the Misc. Acct balance of $0.

School Council Insurance is approx. $150.00 to purchase.  This is needed for events such as the ‘sign painting night” – events that are not school endorsed.  Lindsay motioned to purchase this for the upcoming school year, Krista 2nd.  Tracey will ask Michelle in the office to purchase the insurance.

Reviewed upcoming events:

Junior Soccer team tourney in Drayton tomorrow Sept 26th

Terry Fox Thursday Sept 27th in the am

Inter Soccer Tourney next week Oct 4

Play at St. Jacobs- we are on a wait list but will only get 50 tickets instead of the usual 150 for Jack and the Bean Stock

Guest speaker Orlando Bowen coming to Norwell in April.  He will be speaking on Diversity and will be directed to an adult audience.  Tracey will be in contact with the VP of Norwell to get the date and availability.

Pro Grant; Applied in May- Stacey has not heard back yet- Tracey will look into if we have been approved. This will allow us to book Paul Davis to come and speak about Social Media. We will work with Palmerston and Drayton Schools also.  There will be a junior, inter, and parent session.

Principal Report: Happy to report the school year has started off with success!!!  Alex Sinclair is covering a mat leave for Jess Meulensteen.  Wendell Warmington will be taking the KD. We will have a .5 planning available to fill yet.  Sonia Oaks in the office will be leaving, as will Mr. Turner.  Kelly Jones will be joining us as our V.P.   We also have 3 new EA’s in our school this year.  With the growth of the school, a portable will arrive Thursday Sept 27th in the afternoon and in a couple weeks’ time Ms. Newman’s class will be moving out to it.

School Report:              Carol-Anne reported only positive energy from the teacher report.

Cash Online:  The board is trying to go ALL online payment.  We are not there yet.  Lisa made the comment that our online system is different than others and may be able to become more user friendly.  We will continue to discuss all options and come back to this.

Fall fundraising:

Cookies (Library) due Oct. 9th and delivered Nov 12th

Fresh from the Farm (breakfast program) Due Oct 10th and Delivered TBD

Elmira Meat/Harriston Packers: Sending home forms to youngest and only * expect for gr 6/7/8 as they will get their own* on Oct 3, due back Oct 26.  Our Council count date will be Nov 1, with a sorting and pick up date on Nov 29th (teacher interviews)

*Grade 6/7/8 will have the opportunity to fundraise for their class trip ONLY with the Fall Meat orders.  For their trip over $100.00 they will receive all proceeds from what they fundraise on their own, up to the cost of the trip ( $5/box) This was motioned by Dorothy, Lindsay 2nd

Flyer for Meat Fundraiser will say that we are working towards multiple goals:

Outdoor Equipment

Sports Equipment – baseball helmets, shin pads

Classroom Tools and Enhancements

Will also offer Teachers at Minto $100.00 each to go towards something they would like to purchase to enhance their own classroom.  This will be handed in by the teachers in way of a Wish List to Tracey by Nov 1, and brought to our next meeting.

As part of the Outdoor Equipment, we are looking into something for the older kids.  Gaga Ball pits are very popular and we have some quotes on getting one built on the Jr/inter side (4-8) we will work towards getting approval for an installation in the spring. Motioned by Krista, Nicole 2nd

EQAO – Reports are back and the Grade 3 students have surpassed the Board and Provincial levels on all reading, writing, and math.  Grade 6 students were below the Board and Provincial levels for reading, writing and math.

Our next meeting will be Nov 6th at 5:15pm

Adjourn at 6:28 pm by Lindsay, Mary Ann 2nd.


School Parent Council meeting, May 8th, 2018, 5:30pm


Attending, Stacey Jennings, Lindsay Cowan, Debora Schaus, Tracey Kuchma, Mark Turner, Tammy Weber, Dorothy Pike, Crystal MacDonald, Amanda Clarke, Mary Ann Bowman, Krista Rogers


minutes from previous meeting read, Tammy motioned to accept as read, Krista 2nd


Financial Report- no official report received from Michelle.  Approx $30,000.00 from meat orders deposited, nothing coming out for the meat order until Thursday, estimate a profit of $3000.00


PRO Grant- Stacey has been speaking to councils at Drayton and Palmerston to see about joining together and booking Paul Davis, he speaks on social networking dangers.  She has a couple options available with him speaking at the schools over 2 days, parents in the evening the first night, and splitting the grades 4-6 and 7-8.  Looking at April of 2019.  Stacey will continue to look at this with the other 2 schools.


Meat Pick up- 3pm-5pm May 10th.  A phone message will go out as a reminder.  6 council members will be available to help and some grade 8 students.  Going for breakfast and inviting the principle and vice, and office co-ordinator, paying with the PIC grant money.


Staff Appreciation Lunch- June 28th, last day of school.  Staff and bus drivers, crossing guards, yard supervisors to be invited.  Tammy will order meat and cheese trays from Harriston Packers for 75 people.  Will need to purchase tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, buns, fruit and vegetable trays and lemonade from the Foodland.  Crystal offered to make cupcakes.


Spring Fling- fire trucks are booked, no smoke truck any more.  BBQ from the Kinsmen is booked. We will have a gift card for Todd Rogers for booking the BBQ. Peggy Newman will run the cake walk, Naomi McCullogh will organize the baskets, Amanda Clarke will organize students for face painting.

Tammy will order 4 cases of burgers, mustard and 2 pumps through her work.  Stacey will order 18 dozen hamburger buns and hot dog buns.  We will purchase hot dogs when they come on sale, and pop as it comes on sale.  We will get 16 cases of assorted, pepsi, diet pepsi, 7up- Krista offered to get the pop.  We will have bottled water as well.  Debora will get the water trough booked with the Co-op, and have the Library put the event on the sign in front.

Stacey spoke to Brooke at the library about the balloon guy they have had for the Harriston Street Party, he costs $300, Stacey spoke to Foodland, Home Hardware, Harry Stones, and Harriston Packers and they each gave a $75 donation so we could hire “the balloon guy”.  She has him booked.  Brooke offered to have the library bring the green screen as well.  The book fair will be set up in the library.  Crystal will purchase candy for prizes for her games.  Amanda made a motion for $110 in candy to be purchased, Dorothy 2nd.  The bakesale table will sell the tickets for the games.  After discussion around Crystal’s pies, Tammy motioned for school council to purchase 10 large pies at $10 each and sell for $12, and 10 small pies at $4 each and sell for $6. Debora 2nd.

Staffing update- we area considered a large school.  We will have 3 kindergarten next year,

2 – grade one

2 – one/two

2 – two/three

1 – three

2 – four/five

1 – five/six

1 – six

1 – six/seven

3 – seven/eight

Outdoor equipment- looked over ideas that Tracey had found for Outdoor Fitness Systems, we will revisit in the fall.  Tracey will look into quotes and where in the yard we could place them.

Dress Code- being revised.  There is a spot on the board site that parents, staff and students can go- they are looking for opinions on the dress code.  Will be implemented on a school by school basis.


Principal Report- track & field- not sure at this time-teachers need to volunteer to run it.  It may be a few part days, not one whole day.

7 & 8 trip to Quebec is June 19-22

5’s Earth Keepers

6 & 3 EQAO

Band and Choir to Canada’s Wonderland May 30

My 29th– tree planting for many grades

My 31st– Spread the Word

JK visits June 8th

JK – 6 Zumba June 21st

3 & 7 – Swim to Survive

Staff is being trained on Tribes or Recertified


School Report- Jr./Int Dance Club, Christian Club did not go, GSA-Gay Student Alliance, Science event on site, Art Club, Debate Club, Chess Club.  Next year there will be a Yearbook Club.

Grade 8 grad- June 25th, 39 graduates.  There are 5 parents on the committee.  They are planning a “Casino Night” as the theme.


Adjourn at 7:42pm