School Council

September Minutes

Parent Council Meeting

Sept 10th 2019


In attendance; Stacey Jennings, Lisa Booth, Crystal MacDonald,Tracey Kuchma, Jason Boyce, Amanda Foell, Debora Schaus, Lindssay Cowan, Naomi McCulloch, Jenelle Miller, Krista Rogers, Jennifer Dewar, Nicole Hymers, and Holly Armstrong.


Nominations and Elections for Council Roles for the school year 2019-2020;

President: Sacey Jennings – motioned by Nicole Hymers, Second by Krista Rogers

Vice President: MaryAnn Clark- Motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Nicole Hymers

Secretary: Nicole Hymers- motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Lindsay Cowan

Fundrasier: Lindsay Cowan- motioned by Nicole Hymers, Second by Krista Rogers

Community Involvment: Dorothy Pike; motioned by Stacey Jennings, Second by Nicole Hymers * will confirm with Dorothy as she was unable to attend the meeting*

New faces at parent council this evening – great to see!! Welcome to Minto Clifford’s new VP, Jason Boyce.

Crystal will be taking over the Breakfast Program this year.

Financial Report- bank balance is standing at approx $21 029.70, with 2 chqs to clear and a maintenance bill for the junior play equipment to be paid of $1344.70. ( this repair was complete and passed inspection through the summer – this was a mantadory repair or the playground would be closed)

Spring Fling was another successful night raising profits approx.$2585.14.  Talked about some changes for the upcoming year’s event; some new games, adding a second bbq, different date? All of this will be brainstormed and brought out at our spring planning meeting.

Fall Fundraiser will be the Meat Packers/Elmira Poultry.  All profits raised by grade 6-8 students will be put towards their year end school trip ( trips over $100) Other parents can also designate their childs proceeds to go to any student in grade 6-8.  We will also talk to teachers if there is any student that need any help with the cost of year end trips. Forms will be sent out Oct  8th, due back on Nov 5th, with a delivery on Nov 28th. * Counting day is set for Nov 6th*

2019/2020 budget designations;

gaga ball for intermediate

toy bins – refresh supplies as the season changes

ask staff for alternate ideas – Naomi was approached that the intermediates would like an instructional microscope that can be plugged into the smart board so everyone can see whats under the scope.  Mr.Novikow will research this and get back to us with different prices.

Wish List – teachers will be emailed with a dead  of end of October to hand in their wish list for any items they would personally want for their classroom. We will approx give $100 depending on need.

Milk Cards – each classroom willbe given a milk card paid by Parent Council to use as they see fit for students who may need a little extra at lunch time.

Crystal has a $750.00 donation that she would like to see used for a checker board painted on the hard top, or a outdoor musical instrument.  ( Krista will look into some quotes, as well as any plans will have to be approved by the board.

Ashley Ferguson has asked if parent council could help with the birthday books that each student gets in their bday month.  Approx $2/kid.  Debora motions for $1000.00, Second by Lisa.

Our school track is in need of repairs.  Norwell HighSchool just re did their track so we will contact them and work on some quotes to repair in the spring.

Mentioned that inspirational art work around the school/on bathroom stall doors would be nice- brain storming will be done on this and reseached to see what is available.

Healthy Schools and Mental Health is putting on an information night Sept 24th ( School Open House) They have the Minto Health team as well as some health professionals coming to help families be aware of the services that are available.  The Healthy Schools commitee has asked for a monetary donation to help with refreshments for the night – Krista motioned $100, second by Lindsay.


Hot Dog day;

Crystal did a trial run for 4 weeks last year and approx $600 profits were raised.  Lindsay motioned to continue, second by Krista. Crystal will be continuing Hot Dog day every monday for the school year – separate forms will go out with the pizza and subs order forms ( money will be kept separate) She would like to have an extra burner but this would have to be approved by the board- Tracey will look into this.  Crystal would also like a third cart, but we do not have the room to store a third cart.  There is some repairs to be done to the one we have – we will look into fixing the existing cart or replacing it.

Principle Notes;

There are some changes within our school;

Mr.Burnett has accepted a position in Drayton to be closer to his family.  Angela Novikow has taken his 7/8 position.  Andew Rogers will be a .6 planning teacher.  Jason Boyce is taking on the new VP role.  Charlene Martin is the new music teacher.  Brad Hope is covering Stephanie Richardson’s mat leave until december.  Becky Chalmers is a new EA, with potential for a 9th EA coming into our school ( board will decide)  We also have gained a 4 th kindergarden class again after school has started, teacher unknown at this point.  There will numerous shuffles within the classes by the end of this week, as well as some classrooms moving to make everyone in the best location possible.

We are looking for another yard supervisor – this is a paid position.

Phones- if phones are at school, they are to be in the lock box.  If they are kept in a school bag and are broken or stolen, it is NOT the school’s responsiblility.

Wheel chair Basketball will be coming to our school for a week in september.  Patrick Anderson went to school in Fergus, and was injured in an accident, and has developed a new program for wheelchair basketball.  Board will send 16 chairs sept 25-OCt 2 for all classes to try.

School Report;

Soccer has begun, with Cross Country starting soon.  Fall fair displays will be going up next week. Book fair will be on during the week of the School Open House.  Terry Fox Sept 26.

We to Me in Sept 19th – 12 individuals will be going to Toronto with Naomi McCulloch.

Art Club will be starting up in October with Mrs.CLark, as well as Debate club.

Fit Club will be a new club this year – practising circuit rotation workout.

Country Western Day

Halloween – again the question of costumes has come up.  Tracey has done some research and we will continue with the orange and black day – no costumes.

Need to visit how we do the first day of School routine to find classes – try to elimnate the confusion and anxiety for students and teachers.  This is somethng that we can all think about over the next couple months and come back to our next meeting with ideas to make it run more smoothly.

A request from Tracey is that NO parents stay and wait in the school lobby.  This causes confusion as there still are classes moving through the hallways etc.

Next meeting will be held on Nov 5th 2019 at 5:30 pm