School Council Minutes – February 2019

Posted April 3, 2019

MAPS School Council Meeting Minutes – February 28th, 2019  (FINAL)

Attendees: Diane Guldner, Nicky FifIeld, Sarah Pink, Celeste Toogood, Carol Mills, Monique Phillion Smith, Jess Harrower, Demetre Papvasilliou, Colleen Bird

Regrets: Kim Perryman, Kelly Eaton, Karlie Wood (available by text)

Motion: Demetre motioned to pass January meeting minutes.  Second: Colleen

Principals Report:

Monique shared information regarding the MOMO challenge, a disturbing pop up online that encourages kids to self harm.  She shared a board resource that is available by request from parents if support is needed.

Linda Greer is hoping to have a book fair coincide with the PROgrant event.  The book fair will take place from April 19th to May 1st.

There is an application being prepared to submit to the Board for rural school yard greening as we may be able to get some fundings towards this. This is a last minute thing that we have just learned about and Monique and Celeste are quickly working on this.

Karen Acton from the Board came to present regarding school yard greening at a recent RESPECT assembly. Surveys were sent out to students, staff and parents for feedback on wishes for greening action on the school yard.  Another reminder was sent out to hopefully get more responses. There have been work orders placed to deal with grading and drainage issues. Most of the responses from the surveys requested more shade, gardens, benches, rocks, logs and flowers. The outdoor classroom is not meeting the needs of teachers.  There were requests for shade, forest access, year round items like tires, logs and snow targets. There is an outdoor learning funding request that is due March 1st for $1200 for 16 trees and 4 benches at $3000 each with additional $2000 for maintenance.

The basketball nets are confirmed. TMC fencing is awarded the bid at $950.  We are hoping to be the first in line for spring.

Monique put the idea forward and showed a video for a potential Ropes course challenge that is like Ninja Warrior and wondered if it would be suitable for all ages. This is an idea for next year.

Lacrosse classes started today.  Orangeville Northmen are providing instruction for each class.

Monique will look into Jess’ request to have the cross country skiing moved to Highland Nordic since they seem to have better snow conditions and less cancellations than Monora Park.  They also offer alternate programming if skiing is unavailable.



The Dance-a-thon raised $3727! Big thanks to Nicky for organizing.

Estimated $7191 funds available and $2600 to is also currently at UGLF that is outstanding to be returned to us.  

The estimate for start up for early September is $3600 for things we always support (BBQ, friends of island lake, school council insurance, grade 8 grad, pollinator garden, principal discretionary fund).

There was a inquiry about Gauss Math test funding.  Carol confirmed that we already support it.

Event Planning: Motion: Carol to offer Sara Westbrook “UPower” as keynote speaker for PROgrant.  She speaks on Resilience, confidence and emotional wellbeing. There is a daytime event for students followed up by the evening event for parents.  The daytime presentation is for 2 separate age groups (JK-3) and (4-8). The Parent presentation is $535 would be supported via PROgrant. School council would cover one of the student presentation and Monique could hopefully fund the other with the funding she can likely get for mental health.  Date set for Thursday April 25th.

Please note that after the meeting, Carol put out an email vote regarding this and it has now been changed to Sherry Campbell Group presenting on Raising Resilient Children as Sara was no longer available.   The cost is $1657.35 slightly more expensive but council agreed it will absorb the costs after grant money is spent. ($657.35)

A discussion occurred regarding potential “Snow Targets” as a way to give kids something to throw snowballs at. It  was felt this may be something worth getting so that there is more to do outside at recess and Diane offered to try to get some hay bales to the school for this. If there was a cost to getting the bales to the school, it was discussed that we could likely use recess revival funds for this. Diane will look into this.

(Note: since the meeting; the snow melted, so this idea never materialized).

Approval for $450 to Fund Primary Arts day for 61 students in 3 classes. Leeton, Laughton and Turner.  Taking place June 12th. Motion: Carol second: Celeste, Approved.

Food Program Updates: There was a small mix up with Pita Pit on posting to  School Cash Online which resulted in a slight loss of income. School council will cover the loss rather than attempting to get these costs back from parents.

Dance-a-thon follow up included discussion that it was anticipated to be more profitable.  Overall a highly successful event. Only %33 of student body participated with 123 students raising funds.  $4400 raised. The event was super fun and will likely be even more successful if we run it next year now that people know what to expect. Big thanks from Nicky to all staff and volunteers who helped with the event. Big thanks to Nicky for coordinating this event.

We will add fundraising to the next agenda to discuss upfront funding costs needed to run the programs we generally have in the last few years. This will give us a better idea as to how many events/specific fundraisers we need to run as its is anticipated School Council will be a smaller group of parents next year.

Carol discussed with Mr. Kirk the garage sale event he is planning in further detail. He is going to use the funds raised toward some of the initiative students are trying to support; and if excess would then contribute to school council. School council is in agreement with this as we always support students efforts to make change in the world.  

The Joint Parent Council meeting is taking place at MAPS on April 1st.  Jess to find out if coffee and tea can be donated from the French Press. Sara also suggested Mochaberry.  If no donations are given council approved $50 to fund beverages/food for the event.


Next Meeting March 28th.


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