School Council Minutes – January 2019

Posted April 6, 2019


Attendees:​ Carol Mills, Monique Phillion-Smith, Karlie Wood, Celeste Toogoode, Jess Harrower
Regrets:​ Demetre Papavasilliou, Jennifer Cuthbert, Nicky Fifield, Diane Guldner, Kim Perryman
Quorum​ was obtained by connecting remotely with Demetre, Laura, Colleen, Jennifer, and Nicky.

Meeting began at 7:12

November meeting minutes were reviewed and approved with minor corrections.

Principals Report and Staff Report:

Monique confirmed that any schools who applied last year do get funding for PROGrant. Therefore we will receive $1000 to put towards a parent event.

We are hosting The Joint Council meeting at MAPS on April 1st (discussion to follow).

The lights on the garden towers have been shut off after receiving a letter from the Board. The lights are not approved by the Electrical Safety Authority.

Monique obtained 2 quotes for Basketball net installation. The equipment cost is $2712. One from Town and Country fencing at $2390 from Town and Country Fencing and another from TMC fencing at $950. We will be going with TMC fencing for the installation. The total cost with installation, equipment and tax is $3785.77. The town of Mono will cover half of the cost at $1892.86.

Deja Vu Dinter donated $130.50 to MAPS School after hosting a weekend fund-raiser where $3 from every kids meal served was donated.

Helen Stoner is offering to run the Big Box of Cards fundraiser again this year. Council agreed that May would be a good time. Feedback from last year indicated that we should not send a box home with every student and only send home boxes that were ordered.

There was a request for every class to have funding for one bus at $150.

The request was made for $5000 to fund scientists in the school. It will be held on Friday April 26th. Feedback from last year indicated that we need more volunteers especially for kindergarten and younger grades and that kindergartners maybe only needed a half day or include more outside time for them in the afternoon weather permitting. School Council will post an add now for parents to save that date for volunteering in the weekly newsletter.

Financials: Full financials are available by request in the office as we are not able to post online in table format.

Currently available funds are $16,771.97 at this time. Revenue so far has been $12,086.07.

Event Planning & Fundraising , Committee Updates & Ideas:

Food programs are going great, especially Pita Pit. Will be posting the next set of orders in later this month. Booster Juice orders will launch in late Feb or early March as well for March 27th- June 12th Hopefully Carol can train Colleen and Erin on the background work for school cash online for Pita Pit and Booster Juice so they can fully take over next year.

We raised $3265.48 from Santa Breakfast! This is more than our original estimate. A big thank you to Carol and Karlie for pulling it off! $710 of that is held up in the Upper Grand Learning Foundation. Karlie and Carol will meet to complete the feedback and notes from this event for planners for next year. Karlie will take care of doing the thank you’s from this event.

Regarding the “$500 School Council Based Funding”, we approved this to be transferred to the appropriate account at MAPS. We have opted to use this to fund for our photocopying costs and other miscellaneous things like tape etc that the school provides us with. Carol will have Helen make this transfer.

The December Movie night raised $406. Thank you Movie night committee- Laura, Colleen and Nicky!

April 1st is the Joint Council Meeting that MAPS is hosting. We will be highlighting OPHEA and ECO-Schools GOLD status. Demetre will organize some type of presentation to highlight this. Jess will approach the French Press for a donation of tea, coffee and treats for the event.

Dufferin Joint Council meeting is on Monday at Spencer at 7pm. Karlie or possibly Celeste will go. Carol is unable to attend.

Mr. Kirk is proposing a Garage sale during school hours where students buy and sell to each other. This event will support the Math curriculum. Carol has suggested that money raised from
this event should go into the recess revival bins as this directly supports students needs at recess.

Sadly the bins have emptied out and students are not taking ownership of them. Over 40 balls were retrieved from the roof of the school. Monique will try to do some service announcement/discussion about this at one of the assemblies. We will reassess this and any suggestions for improvement at next meeting.

PRO grant is on! Carol suggested that Spring would be a good time to aim for this event. Some suggestions were that we strive to get one really impactful keynote speaker to simplify things this year. Sarah Westbrook and her Power Up presentation was suggested, as well as Karen Acton for a greening school yard presentation for parents. Carol has one other resources for Resiliency in Kids that she will look into. More planning to follow at next meeting.

Ms. Laughton is requesting volunteers for the Live Free Breakfast Fundraiser. This year Feb. 4th will be smoothies, 11th will be Pancakes and 22nd will be yogurt parfaits. All proceeds help fund the nutrition program and raise awareness around hunger. It is launched on school cash online. Carol will advertise in weekly newsletter for volunteers as well as send out to our volunteer pool.

Celeste reported on School yard greening initiative. Celeste and Monique attended a meeting with Evergreen, who have a team of landscape architects dedicated to planning for individual schools. Evergreen will consider funding 3 schools for our area. In order to be considered we need feedback from students staff and community. Jess will help Celeste launch Google Surveys for each group mentioned. We are hoping to have Evergreen come to an assembly or send a powerpoint to show kids images of other school yard that have been through the process so they can fill out surveys with more knowledge. It would be to our advantage to get as many stakeholders involved as possible. Suggestions included the Town of Mono, Home Depot and Friends of Island Lake.

A reminder that if any events require the use of the gym it has to be booked in advance so that community users are aware of any cancellations required.

Kim Perryman sent a reminder about Winter Fest on January 27th at the Mono Centre Community Park. There will be Food, skating, skiing, games etc. This will go out in the weekly.

Danceathon update was sent from Nicky and Carol relayed it to council. Carol reviewed some of the great prizes available. Nicky is seeking volunteers for pre, during, and post event. Please let Nicky know if you are able to help. A big thanks to Nicky and her team working on this event. Students will get more information about this in the coming weeks. A request was made for

Financial Spending that was Approved:
Scientists in The Classroom- $5000 One Bus for each class- $150 X16= $2400 Danceathon-$750 for upfront costs. Long Term School Yard Greening-$3000

Karlie will look at the Bradford Website in regards to spring flowers fundraiser as a possibility.

Jess will forward Monique information regarding the Bruce Trail Association doing free guided hikes for classed through Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

Next meeting Feb. 28th. Carol will be a bit late so Monique and Jess will begin the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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