MAPS School Council Minutes – May 2019

Posted June 30, 2019


Attendees: Carol Mills, Jess Harrower, Monique Phillion-Smith, Nicki Fifield, Karlie Wood.

Regrets: Demetre Papavasiliou, Jenn Cuthberson, (remote if needed) Laura Curry, Celeste Toogood (remote if needed)

Welcome and Intro:Welcomed Jason Soper owner and operator of Simply Pasta. Jason presented three types of pasta for sampling and outlined the details of the program. The pasta comes in reusable thermal dishes that are dropped off and picked up on the same day. Pasta options include but are not limited to macaroni and cheese, red meat sauce, alfredo and rose sauces.  More information available upon request. Most school sell these dishes for $5.00. Cost dependent on type of pasta but ranges from 3.75 to 4.25.

Review and Approval of Minutes:  

Monique and Carol passed last meetings minutes.

Carol also added that we now only have six members who count for votes due to our attendance rules.

Principal’s Report:

(Mme Monique Phillion-Smith)

The organization for next year is drafted at English: 1 Kindergarten class, 1 Grade 1 Class, 1 Grade 2 Class, 1 Grade 3 class, 1 split 4-5 class, 1 split 5-6 class, 1 split 6-7 class, and 1 Grade 8 class.  French Immersion: 2 Grade 6 classes, 1 Grade 7 class, 1 split 7-8 Class, and 2 straight Grade 8 classes.

Monique received positive feedback from the MAPS staff after showing them the promotional video from Summit Climbing.  They offer a variety of challenges. Cost is $4000 for 5 days, with a $500 deposit to hold the spot for February. She would be looking for funding for this event via School Council.

Mr.  P will be organizing a movie and a treat for Peer Student Appreciation on June 17th.  Teachers need to have names in by May 24th to know for ordering numbers.

Tuesday June 18th will be volunteer appreciation at 12:50 for all adult volunteers who have helped out this year.  A light luncheon is provided. Monique will be sending out invitations for this to the volunteer parents.

MAPS opened its doors in 1959 which marks the 60th anniversary this year.  Monique proposed that we combine a celebration with the meet the teacher BBQ.  Another option could be to hold a separate event. This discussion will be added to the next meetings minutes.  The date for the meet the teacher BBQ will be September 26th. The 27th is a PD day.

The Board rejected the idea of snow targets.

Monique is waiting on junior basketball nets to be installed.  Contact person at Board office is now in charge. We are awaiting further information re installation date and an invoice. Monique has emailed and called the Board to hopefully get action on this.  We need the receipt for the middle of June to accommodate Town of Mono regulations.

Still waiting on Upper Grand Learning Foundation paperwork.  It was requested April 9th and submitted in September. Making a note to do it all at once next year.  It is for the total of $2681

There was very positive feedback from the Scientists in the School day.


Financial Update:


  1. $300 for Staff Appreciation – Nicky will take care of this.
  2. $700 for Peer Student Appreciation- Mr. P is taking care of this.

For next year:

  1. $800 for Grad
  2. $160 for Insurance
  3. $200 for Friends of Island Lake
  4. $500 for principal discretionary
  5. $1500 for meet the teacher BBQ

Carol reviewed current financial documents.  (We have $2681of that money tied up at the Upper Grand Learning Foundation from Sept BBQ, Santa Breakfast and Dance-a-thon.) Monique will look into why no funds have been returned yet, as well as the concern re tax receipts not being available as yet.

Staff Report  – No updated tonight.

Event Planning & Fundraising, Committees Updates & Ideas

Booster  Juice is still running smoothly and Erin Carlos is good to be the organizer for next year.

Pizza is also running smoothly and Roseanna is good to organize for next year but that will likely be her last year.

Pita Pit has had trouble with theft and Colleen is on duty when it arrives and can’t be there to receive it or easily trouble shoot problems as she is tied up with duty.  There will be an urgent email sent out to do a last call for a parent who can supervise distribution but otherwise we will have to cancel the program. It also seems as if there is a malfunction with School Cash Online system which has been creating some struggle; which Carol and Ms Stoner continue to work through. Overall we are thrilled with the actual Pita Pit company, and they have not made any errors.

Electrical still not sorted out for Garden Towers. Monique to check into that with Linda Greer, but for now the Garden Towers are not functioning.

The turn out for PRO grant was pleasing.  We received positive feedback from the email survey.

Carol will fill out the evaluation that is required.

Next year we will be going forward with the UPower on November 20th or 21st which we previously approved funding for. This will be 2 student presentations and a parent presentation.   This will continue with the theme of emotional regulation and resilience.

PIC/Dufferin Joint School Councils Updates/Mtgs:

PIC meeting is June 10th at Island Lake

Meeting adjourned at 9:05PM.

Next Meeting

Last one! Tuesday June 18th, 2019.


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