Annual Report for Mono Amaranth Public School (2018-2019) revised

Posted September 19, 2019

Jun 28, 2019
Annual Report for
Mono Amaranth Public School – School Council
for the 2018-2019 School Year
Dear Parents and School Community:
The MAPS School Council had a very rewarding 2018-2019 school year . The school council held eight
meetings on September 18th, October 11th, November 6th, 2018, and January 17th, February 28th,
March 28th, May 9th and June 18th 2019. Council discussed various issues during the year; these
meetings were advertised to the school community to encourage input from parents and other members
of the school community.
The purpose of the school council is to help improve student achievement and to enhance the
accountability of the education system to parents. School councils are advisory organizations. A school
council’s primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations to the principal of the
school and the school board. Boards and principals are responsible for considering the recommendations
made by each school council and for advising the council(s) of the actions taken in response to the
recommendations. Please see the detailed minutes regarding discussions that took place at School
Council Meetings on various topics this year.
Fund-raising activities were also conducted, and the proceeds were used to fund projects in accordance
with school board policies. These fund-raising activities are identified in the below financial summary
entitled “Fundraising 2018-2019”. Another summary of financial activity related to how funds were spent is
entitled “Approved Spending 2018-2019”, is also below. Minutes of meetings held and financial records
are available for public inspection on the school website or by request at the office.
We wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the many individuals who volunteered their time
to contribute to the success of the school council last year. Special thanks are due to the following
members of the 2018-2019 School Council: Carol Mills (Chair), Jessica Harrower (Secretary), Celeste
Toogood (Treasurer), and parents Nicky Fifield, Karlie Wood, Diane Guldner, Sarah Pink, Jennifer
Cuthbertson, Kristi Stenzel, Angela Lockhurst, and Laura Campbell. In addition we would like to thank
our teacher representative Demetre Papavasiliou and our non-teaching representative Colleen Bird &
Laura Curry. School Council could not run without the immense help of our administration Principal Mme.
Phillion-Smith and Office Coordinator Helen Stoner. Our food programs couldn’t run without the
dedication of our hard working parent volunteers: Rosanna Dwyer, Erin Carlos, Carol Mills and Colleen
Finally, we would like to wish the best of luck to the 2019-2020 school council team. Issues that we
foresee as being important matters for the consideration of the new school council following the
September 2019 elections include continued work and dedication to our School Yard Improvement Plans,
Outdoor Education and our Art & Music Programs.
Carol Mills – Chair
Jessica Harrower- Secretary
Celeste Toogood – Treasurer
Financial Charts:

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