MAPS School Council Minutes – June 2019

Posted October 1, 2019


Attendees: Carol Mills, Jess Harrower, Monique Phillion-Smith, Nicky Fifield, Karlie Wood, Christianne Lent, Demetre Papavasiliou,

Regrets: Jenn Cuthberson, Celeste Toogood (remote if needed)

Welcome and Intro: Carol welcomed Christy as a new parent who came out to join us.

Review and Approval of Minutes:
Monique and Carol passed last meetings minutes.
No longer including student report as we have not had students come consistently for two years.

Principal’s Report: (Mme Monique Phillion-Smith)
Excited to show off New basketball nets! She clarified that they are for the Primary Grades not Junior. We received final approval for bigger trees to replace dead trees. Chris Mills will be supplying and installing trees. Chris has recommended these be installed at the end of summer/fall as there is not time to complete in the next two weeks and trees are more likely to survive if planted
at that time. Locates will also need to be done which take at least 10 days.  Approval was given for the safety of the lights for the garden towers. Hopefully they will be ordered and up and running for September.  Monique has emailed Sean at Evergreen but he is on holidays (regarding school yard greening).  Anna at the board office who is working with Sean is now on Maternity leave until 2020. Hoping for updates regarding the final plan by early in the fall now. Monique will put a work order in for assessment of the condition of our track as Nicky brought to our attention that its quite narrowed and needs some work.  Kindergarten grading for better yard drainage issues is going to be addressed as Monique has informed the board.
Our student group won the battle of the Books!  We were awarded Gold for Eco schools and OPHEA. 100% of Upper Grand Schools participated in Eco-School. It was brought up that maybe next year a thought for Eco-school initiatives might be class sets of cutlery as a way to eliminate single use plastic; of course with some thought as to how that would actual work is needed (cleaning etc).  Mme Phillion-Smith is unsure of how the Music Program will be set up for next year as there will be some staffing changes next year in that area.  Karlie brought up putting Spirit wear on school cash online to bring more funding in. Some suggestions were made about possible toques/hats as well.

Financial Update:
Please see full financials available in the office upon request. The estimated available funds at time of meeting were $10432.70. Monique had previously put $500 down towards the new Summit Climbing days for early 2020; but we had tabled the further costs to discuss today. Total cost of program is $4000. Involves all kids in the school.  APPROVED: $2000 towards this Summit Climbing.
We discussed that the money sitting in Outdoor Classroom has been there for 2 years now; the limiting step to using the outdoor classroom seems to be a lack of shade. It was decided to
transfer the Outdoor classroom monies ($1423.44) to School Yard Improvements as shade is part of plan of these improvements and we are hoping this money can help with that.
APPROVED: To top up Playground account to $5000 after the Town Of Mono money comes in from reimbursement for basketball net funding. (This amount transferred ended up being
APPROVED for an additional $3597.13 to be moved to the School Yard Improvements Account to support our long term plans.
We decided to leave $4000 in the Fundraising for Resources General Reserve to start the school year in September.
Staff Report – Mr. P Thanked the council and Nicky for the soaps and cookies. There is a thank you card.
Event Planning & Fundraising, Committees Updates & Ideas
Food Programs:
Booster Juice is still running smoothly and Erin Carlos is good to be the organizer for next year.
(Carol after the meeting confirmed that dates will be Sept 25th- Nov 20th and April 8-Jun 17th. Wednesdays First break).
Pizza is also running smoothly and Rosanna is good to organize for next year but that will be her last year.
Pita Pit has been managed in the last couple months by Carol and with the help of a couple of parents to supervise (Erin Carlos & Joanne Jordan) as well as a couple of senior students. This
program will not be able to run next year if we do not have a parent to take it over. At this point we do not have a parent.
Simply Pasta: We discussed the Simply Pasta Program again; parents seem interested in trying this. Christy Lent volunteered to do the Administration aspect of this program (CashOnline
orders; coordination with Jason Soper. We would like this to run on Fridays if possible. Carol will connect with Jason about this and then Christy can move forward with maybe a one month trial;
she will have to determine if further parent volunteers needed to run this program. When Carol prepares the School Council Page in next years Agenda she will say pasta and pita
days are “pending on parent volunteers”. Recess Revival Bins Recess balls have been ordered by Monique at this time and she is going to put them into circulation slowly. We will be leaving money in Recess Revival account for future use in the fall when we need to replace these balls.
UPOWER Presentation:
UPower Presentation is confirmed for Wednesday November 20th. Times will be as follows:
JK – 3: 11:50 am – 12:40 pm
Grades 4 – 8: 1:45 pm – 3:00 pm
Parent Presentation is 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Monique will submit the permit request.
Meet The Teacher Night
Meet the Teacher Night will be Thursday September 26th. The new School Council won’t be in
place until Sept 17th. There will not be a BBQ this year. We will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of
MAPS instead with Cake.
Time Line:
5:30-6:30 Cake Cutting for 60th & Teacher Cake-Pie Auction
6:30-7:30 Meet the Teacher
We will base numbers on those from the last couple of years in term so how much Cake to
Other Ideas for That Night…
Possibly offering food sampling available for pasta program?- Carol will mention to Simply Pasta
Possibly having School council table? – New Council
Make it a Bring our own water bottle event
Posting School Yard Improvement Plans on Display- Celeste to Organize
Monique to email trustees and also put in the permit request.
Carol will book to get some tables.
Laura will run the Cake & Pie Auction.
Cake/Tea/ Water – Christy may try to look into sponsors for this.
Cake – Carol will price out cake vs cupcakes.
** Final planning meeting will be Tuesday September 10th at 6:30PM for this night; hopefully all
can attend.
HFFA Food Club:
HFFA food club needs a team leader. Not much is involved. Despite the limited number of families involved we feel this is an important initiative to support local farming and a great way for
families to connect with local foods. We did discuss that the program needs to be promoted better. After discussing it, Karlie decided that she will take it on. Karlie is making a flyer for the
fall with more information. It has been more difficult to promote this program since it is not longer run through cash online but directly with the HFFA.
Fresh from the Farm :
Laura will do registration and cash on line and Karlie will do the day of delivery duties. We did note that the order come in full boxes; so it may be worthwhile to be aware of this when ordering
as some leftover apples could be helpful for an event. (ie. Breakfast with Santa). Carol will forward the information along to Laura for this program and she will take it over and register over
the summer. Carol will not be sending out the newsletter for School Council in the fall; she will let the new council put something out once established. Carol will send her old newsletter to Monique so that she can include any information she thinks appropriate.  Addressed the issue that was brought up in a previous meeting about having track and field day on the same day as play day. Demetre brought up that Elyse tried to have more play days this year as opposed to just one. The predominant reason that Play Day has to be on Track and Field is the sheer number of kids and staff to go to track as opposed to soccer or any other sport.  Nicky brought up a concern that the track is not in good condition and the width of it has significantly narrowed over the years. Mr. P agreed. Monique will bring this up with the board.
We discussed the need to continue to try and recruit for School Council next year.
PIC/Dufferin Joint School Councils Updates/Mtgs:
PIC meeting is June 10th at Island Lake
Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM.
Next Meeting
Sept 10th, 2019 @ 630 – Meet Teacher Mtg.
September 17th, 2019 @7pm – First School Council Meeting and Elections.

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