MAPS School Council Minutes – September 2019

Posted October 16, 2019

Carol Mills welcomed everyone and all members and everyone introduced themselves. 
Attendance:  Karlie Wood, Christi-anne Lent, Nicky Fifield, Laura Curry, Lauren Beecham, Diane Guldner, Celeste Toogood, Carol Mills, Monique Phillion-Smith. Jessica Harrower  Mr. Papavasiliou sends regrets tonight. Jen Cuthbertson also sends regrets.
Approval of Minutes:
June minutes were reviewed, additions around the concerns about the Track that we discussed were added to these minutes and the minutes were approved. 
We reviewed end of year report and this will be posted to School Website.  Current Financials and minutes from last years last meeting circulated.

Principal’s Report from
Mme Phillion-Smith:
Monique was pleased to announce that there was no need for reorganization this year.  A relief for both staff and students.
The climber was removed and an all inclusive washroom as well as new trees were added to the school over the summer. 
The Garden Tower light bulbs were replaced and they will be up and functioning again.
We will not be doing the QSP fundraiser this year.
Our new 60 year anniversary swag- toques,water bottles, mugs, etc. will be available through cash online.
Monique will put the Dufferin County Phys. Ed, Calender on the school website and send out an email.
There is a new manager with the Board, who Monique has been dealing with regarding our drainage issues in the Kindergarten yard.  Her name is Kelly Paris and she has been very helpful with getting the engineered wood fiber and issues surrounding the pea stone as well as locates done.  We are waiting for the Town to take further action regarding a new swale and the existing swale beside the soccer field. Once drainage issues are resolved we will be able to move forward with further school yard improvements.
There has been some discussion around lowering the heights of the new basketball nets so students can be more successful, as currently students are quite frustrated in the Primary Area.
Agendas for the grade 4-6 students are on backorder.   Hoping they will be delivered some time next week.


Staff Report:
There were no Staff Reports as Mr. Papavasiliou was not able to be at the meeting tonight. 


Non-Teach Staff Report:
There were no updates from our Non-Teaching Staff Reps (Laura/Colleen).


New Council Elections:


The following members were voted in:


PARENT MEMBERS (voting members)
Karlie Wood
Celeste Toogood
Lauren Beecham
Diane Guldner
Christi-Anne Lent 


There was no one available to step forward as Chair or Secretary.  
Christi-Anne Lent agreed to take on Treasurer Role.


Teaching/Non-Teaching Members:
Colleen and Laura will continue to share a vote for the non-teaching member. Mr. Papavasillou will remain the teacher representative.


Community Member:
There was discussion about requesting Kim Heaton return as community member and if not available then maybe ask John Creelman to share a vote as out community member. 


Update: Carol heard from Kim later that evening that she would be happy to remain the Community member. 

Discussion was held on how we will have to scale back on duties and events without a chair and secretary position filled. Laura will assist in creating the parent council blurb when needed for the weekly newsletter. We will send out a separate email on CASL to parents to do a final reach out for executive positions, parent members and volunteers.


Movie Nights:
Laura will be organizing movie nights this year with help from Nicky.  Hoping to have 3 this year. Fall, Christmas and Spring. Dates to be set at the next meeting.


Fresh From Farm:
Fresh from the Farm Order Forms have gone home. Laura Curry is running this program. 


Meet Teacher Night:
Carol will put together an email to parents to ensure that everyone understand that meet the teacher night does not include a BBQ this year due to the lack of volunteers.  She will outline anniversary celebrations, Simply Pasta tasting, HFFA and expectations around meet the teacher night.


Food Programs:
Lauren Beecham has stepped up to fill our Parent Volunteer position for Pita Pit food day.  It will close on school cash online October 1st and Launch October 10th.
Erin Carlos continues to do Booster juice, which has already been set up. 
Rosanna Dwyer continues to do Pizza which is also set up. 


Karlie updated that HFFA Food Club is only 3 months this year. She will take care of running and promoting this program, HFFA will be at the Meet Teacher Night as well. 

Upfront costs for Movie nights $500
Cross Country bussing – $200


As Carol is stepping down, at the next meeting she will review with all how to use the google drive that is set up to manage school council. 

UGDSB Parent Involvement Committee: Sept 30, 2019 in Guelph
2.  Dufferin Joint Parent Council Meeting:  Island Lake October 7th
3. Dream Big School Council Symposium – Oct 5th – Toronto


NEXT MEETING: October 15th

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