Monday Message – Week of January 7

Posted January 8, 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back to you and your child(ren)!!

School Cash online – A reminder if you haven’t signed up for School Cash online already, it is the only way to participate in some of our lunch programs. The February dates have been sent out. Ordering for February closes on January 22.

Sign-up is available at

Greening Committee – We are looking for parent or community volunteers interested in being part of a School Greening Committee. This multi-year committee will begin to look at greening initiatives (natural structures, outdoor classrooms, trees,…) for our school property. If you are interested, please contact me directly (519-940-3002 x223). I have also included a link to the Board’s School Ground Greening page to give you a better idea and provide some UGDSB examples of greening initiatives elsewhere.

Morning arrival – We have morning supervision from 8:25-8:40 a.m. This time is intended to supervise students on our tarmac area as they arrive at school in preparation for the start of our day. Please be aware that our students are our priority. Please be cautious when moving strollers, wagons, etc… around our yard. Also note that there is NO supervision on our yard prior to 8:25 am. A child arriving prior to that time is unsupervised.

Zumba – Starting today, Zumba sessions will be available for our JK-3 students every Tuesday at 2nd break and for our Grade 4-8 students every Friday at 2nd break. This activity will run for 7 weeks, has been organized by our Child and Youth Counsellor Tamara Zappia and financially supported by our School Council. Get active, Vipers!!

Finally, we have closed our fields again due to the icy conditions. I was hoping that the mild weather over the break would help. Id did a little. Until yesterday. 🙁 I’m hoping a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve attached a collection of shots from this morning’s yard. The conditions are concerning and, with no snow or thaw coming, are likely to remain. Zumba, our Learning Commons, Intramurals are some of the recess activities we’re looking at to help alleviate the congestion that occurs when all our students are on the tarmac during breaks.

Join me again in hoping for either a week of 20-degree weather or 60 cm of snow. 🙂


Peter LeBlanc

Pedestrians play a role in keeping school crossing guards safe

We all know that motorists play a crucial role in school zone safety, but did you know that pedestrians also play an important role in helping keep school crossing guards safe?

Our municipal partners are asking all school communities to obey the rules of the road when crossing at guarded intersections.

School crossing guards must stay on the road until everyone is safely on the sidewalk. When pedestrians start walking across the road after the ‘Don’t Walk’ signal has started, they put the crossing guard at risk if the light changes before they can safely exit the intersection.

Pedestrians can help keep crossing guards safe by following these tips:
·         Always obey walk signals and crossing guards
·         Make eye contact with drivers before crossing
·         Get off of bikes, skateboards and scooters before crossing
·         Never stop in the middle of an intersection; stopping may confuse waiting drivers
·         Always yield to emergency vehicles; if you’ve already started crossing, clear the road quickly and safely
·         At crossings with signals:
o   Only cross when the pedestrian walk signal is displayed
o   Never start crossing with the ‘Don’t Walk’ signal is flashing; this signal means you don’t have enough time to cross safely
For more information on school zone safety, please visit the board’s website:

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