‘Monday’ Message’ -Week of April 29

Posted May 1, 2019

As you are already aware, we had a small fire late Thursday afternoon in one of our Kindergarten classes. The fire was quickly put out by our sprinkler system. There was some water and smoke damage. No one was injured. Everyone in the building got out safely.

But, as I mentioned, you already know all of this.

Here’s what I’d like to add:

• Our Fire Department responded within minutes. They then provided support to our clean up and were here for several hours after the call.
• Hyland Restoration and our UGDSB custodial staff, including our own superstars and some ‘loaners’ from neighbouring schools, were fabulous, here until after midnight on Thursday night to ensure that all but one class was ready to go on Friday morning. They also worked continuously each day and through the weekend!
• To our wonderful staff who pitched in with materials, space, time, coverage… so that Mrs. Drinkwater, Mrs. Dunville and their students didn’t have to feel like they were ‘going it alone’.
• To our Board staff, including our superintendent Denise Heaslip who arrived shortly after I did, for their support. They stayed in touch, organized work that needed to be done and supported us in any way needed.
• To, Mr. Huddleston, my principal colleague at PEPS, who ‘lent me’ temporary vice-principal Mrs. Irwin for the day so that I could focus on supporting those that needed it. (Mr. Henderson was out of the building)
• And, finally, to you, our parent and greater community. A fire in a school, no matter how small, is a big deal and a big disruption. No one was hurt but, nonetheless, our children were impacted. I heard nothing but words of support and understanding from you. I could easily have been different. For that I thank you.

Every day since September, I have been happy being the principal of Montgomery Village PS. This is a great community. However, in the events following our small fire, I have felt extremely proud to be part of this school community.

We’re happy to announce that our displaced kindergarten class is now back in their space as of this morning. It was declared safe for students and staff yesterday. Items are slowly being returned from cleaning or are being ordered and replaced.

Thank you to all for your patience, understanding and support.

Peter LeBlanc

EQAO & PCAP – Our dates have been set and letters have gone home with the families of our Grade 3 (Primary Assessment) and our Grade 6 (Junior Assessment) students. Testing will take place from May 22-24 and May 28-30.

Mr. Kennedy’s Grade 8 students have also been selected (randomly) to participate in the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program. This 90 minute on-line assessment is often used to measure success across the country in reading, math and science. Individual testing results are not shared with students, the school or the Board but the results are important in guiding national policy and are shared through the OECD. More information can be found here.


This assessment will take place on May 6 and 7.

Reusable MVPS Water Bottle – Two of our grade 5 students have initiated a final sale of our reusable water bottles. We only have 16 left and are selling them for $10 each. The water bottle are available at each of our 2nd breaks this week only!! Look for more student-led environmental initiatives over the next few weeks.

Please continue to check our website for upcoming dates. May and June will be busy! ;).

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